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We Visited Tokyo Verdy to Meet Pratama Arhan!

After the official announcement about the talented Indonesian football athlete, Pratama Arhan, joining Tokyo Verdy (Japanese football club) in spring 2022, the news buzzed in Indonesia as well as among Indonesian living in Japan.

Pratama Arhan is a 20-year-old Indonesian soccer athlete that belonged to PSIS Semarang, an Indonesian football club based in Semarang, Central Java. He has played for the national team of Indonesia and is very popular in the country.

His fine play contributed the team to being runner-up in AFF Championship in 2020, as well as brought him to being recognized as AFF Championship Young Player of the Tournament in 2020 and Menpora Cup Best Young Player in 2021.

Tokyo Verdy is a prestigious Japan’s football club where Japan’s football stars such as Kazuyoshi Miura, Ruy Ramos, and Tsuyoshi Kitazawa were belonged to.

Arhan transfer joining press conference (March 25, 2022)

Today we visited Tokyo Verdy’s ground and clubhouse and were allowed to observe Arhan’s training and interviewed him.

Arriving at Tokyo Verdy’s ground and clubhouse

We are ready!

Tokyo Verdy’s ground

We were blessed with good warm weather and beautiful cherry blossoms around.  At the time of our arrival, Arhan was on the ground and started his training with a teammate, a couch, and a translator.

We Were Going To Interview Arhan!

After the training finished, we got some time to talk with Arhan. We believe he was tired after the training, but we were adored by how kind he is to warmly greet and talk with us.

Arhan arrived in Japan on March 17, 2022, and is his first time in Japan. Just in the right time to enjoy the warm breeze of spring and full-bloom blossoms. The athlete said he feels relieved to touch down safely in Japan, as well as feels honored to be able to join and be a part of Tokyo Verdy.

“Together with the team, I will do my best and help the club to return to the J1 League”, he said.

Our interview with Pratama Arhan with social distance

Joining Japan’s football team means he will be surrounded by everything in Japanese. Even though he doesn’t know much about Japanese yet, he takes it as a challenge to grow.

“I don’t speak Japanese, at least at this moment, however, I will learn Japanese so I can communicate smoothly with team members because communication is very important”, he added.

We Talked About Halal Foods and Muslim-Friendly Stuff in Japan

Since Arhan will be living in Japan for some period of time, we shared with him how halal foods and halal restaurants in Japan are increasing rapidly over the past few years especially before the pandemic hit, as well as how comfortable it is now to do prayer outside with the availability of prayer spaces and mosques.

He mentioned some foods he wants to try.

“There are halal Japanese foods in Indonesia, such as sushi and ramen. However, I think I would love to have them in their origin (Japan) sometime. Also if time allows, I want to have a visit to see Mount Fuji”, he mentioned.

Arhan Wishes to Japan

As a person who takes part in the world of sport, support from the team and fans, wherever they are, is necessary. In addition to it, Arhan as a Muslim hopes halal foods and restaurants as well as prayer spaces and mosques will keep increasing in Japan.

“Muslims living in Japan are quite a lot, so the availability of halal foods and places to pray is extremely important. Especially mosques, it is not only a place to pray but also a place to interact and celebrate important religious events such as the Eid celebration”, he mentioned.

He added, “With the increasing of Muslim-friendly services, Muslims living in Japan can live a more comfortable life”.

Thank you Pratama Arhan and Tokyo Verdy for the joyful interview!

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