The Holy Month of Ramadan 2023 Is Just In The Corner!

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, Muslims living in Japan are preparing themselves physically and mentally for the fasting period. Ramadan is expected to begin on March 23, 2023, based on the sighting of the moon and the official announcement by Japan’s Ruyat Al Hilal committee.

Japan’s Ruyat Al Hilal Committee is planning to have an observation meeting of the Ramadan crescent on March 22, 2023, that will announce the start of Ramadan in Japan.

Today we talk to Muslim residents in Japan about what to be prepared for Ramadan.

Be Ready Physically and Mentally

Muslims in Japan are looking forward to this blessed month, which is known for its abundant blessings. However, they are also aware that fasting from sunrise to sunset, which will last for about up to 16 hours a day, for an entire month requires good health, both physically and mentally. Therefore, Muslims in Japan are preparing themselves by reviewing their diet and engaging in activities that will keep them healthy and reduce stress.

Many Muslims in Japan start fasting a few days before Ramadan begins, so their bodies can adjust to the fasting schedule, making it easier for them to fast throughout the month.

Do Fasting for Missed Days in Ramadan in the Previous Year

Those who missed fasting days during the previous Ramadan must make up those days before the next Ramadan begins. Therefore, some Muslims in Japan may be fasting before the official start of Ramadan to fulfill this obligation.

Make a Stock of Halal Foods at Home

During Ramadan, Muslims have two main meals: Sohoor before dawn and Iftar after sunset. To make the meal preparation process faster and easier, many Muslims in Japan will stock up on instant halal foods that can be prepared quickly. Dates are also a regular part of the Iftar meal, and many Muslims carry dates with them during the day in case they need to break their fast outside of their home.

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Communicate with The Company About Ramadan and Fasting

As Ramadan is not widely known in Japan, it is essential for Muslims to communicate with their company and colleagues about their fasting. This way, they can explain the process and request any necessary support during the fasting period.

Set Target To Be Achieved During Ramadan

In addition to the physical and mental preparation, Muslims in Japan are also setting targets for themselves to achieve during Ramadan that will increase their connection with Allah and make positive changes in their lives. This could include reciting the entire Quran, increasing prayer times and frequency, performing acts of charity, and other good deeds.


Setting targets before the start of Ramadan is a common practice among Muslims worldwide, as it helps them stay motivated and focused throughout the month. It provides a sense of direction and purpose, enabling them to make the most out of the blessings that come with Ramadan.

Ramadan is a month of immense spiritual significance, and Muslims believe that Allah’s blessings are multiplied during this time. By setting targets and striving to achieve them, Muslims in Japan can make the most of this blessed month and benefit from its spiritual rewards.

Happy Ramadan!

Muslims in Japan are not only physically and mentally preparing themselves for Ramadan but are also setting targets to achieve during the month. These targets provide direction and motivation, enabling Muslims to make the most out of this blessed month and benefit from its spiritual rewards.

As Ramadan approaches, Muslims in Japan are ready to embark on this spiritual journey, striving to become better individuals and gain the pleasure of Allah.

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