Embrace the Rise of Yokohama Muslim Community , Japan

Yokohama is home to more than 3.6 million people and is arguably the most international and culturally diverse metropolis in Japan. The masjid will be used not only by the people in the community, but also international tourists and business travelers.

How many muslims in Kirigaoka Area in Yokohama?

In this area, it is estimated that we have around 600 muslims, including 300 Indonesians. There are also other Muslims who come from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, etc, who live and settle there with their families or single. The majority are professionals in Japan.

How muslims in Yokohama do their daily worship?

Currently, the Muslim community should rent a community centre (Kouminkan) or use the the individual’s residence houses to worship such as Friday prayers. The participants are limited since the places are relatively small. In addition, there is a risk of complaints from the other residents around the house during worship which is considered disturbing to surrounding residents.

There has been an increase in the participation and intensity of Islamic activities in the Yokohama area. In order to support better and wider Islamic activities for the multicultural community, it is appropriate to establish a mosque in this area.


How to Help Ummah in Yokohama

They would like to raise 2.5M USD to complete the masjid, but first they need 1,2M USD by the end of 2023 for the land.

You can donate for this project from the campaign on LanuchGood.
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