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Halal Cream Daifuku

Halal cream daifuku has been a very popular Japanese confectionery Muslims are looking for. Nowadays, it spreads wider and gains high responses.

Halal cream daifuku is made from chewy mochi filled with sweet cream in four flavors; strawberry, matcha, mango, and cafe au lait. If most of daifuku is filled with red bean paste, but this cream daifuku is filled with a halal-certified delicious cream. The cream is not too thick, it has a great texture that makes it very easy to eat.

Halal cream daifuku is popular among Muslims

Bought a lot for stock at home

Recommended Way to Have It Deliciously

Since the halal cream daifuku is a frozen product, we recommend to defrost it a little bit in room temperature until the mochi gets softer. Delicious!

※ The best condition is a soft texture with a little bit frost left

Shop/Stores to Find Halal Cream Daifuku


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Honolu Ramen


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SARIO Heichinsaryo Yokohama World Porters

SARIO Heichinsaryo Yokohama China Town


Rogers Urawa branch

Rogers Kawagoe branch

Rogers Koshigaya branch

Rogers Toda branch

Rogers Niiza branch

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Rogers Kuki branch

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Cupid Yamato


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