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Wagyu Otoko COWBOY, a One Stop to Enjoy Halal Beef in the Center of Shibuya

Shibuya has been a favorite place to experience the urban culture that is mostly born there. Known with the famous Hachiko statue and crowd Shibuya scramble crossing, Shibuya has a great shopping and entertainment places, halal eats, and of course, new culture in youth fashion and style.

In that busy Shibuya, there is a place where you can enjoy an overwhelming halal beef and wagyu steak. It’s at the Wagyu Otoko COWBOY, only 8 min walk from Shibuya st Hachiko exit!

Go upstairs to the 3rd floor. You will find the stairs right after the convenience store “Daily Yamazaki”

The Overwhelming All-Beef Menu Course

This time we visited the restaurant and tried their Halal menu! As no reservation needed, so we just walked in.

When we step into the restaurant, we were welcomed with a stylish interior. It has a warm atmosphere, designed with woody table-seats and fluffy pillows.

Wagyu Otoko COWBOY serves three kinds of halal beef, which two of them are wagyu!

The menus are :

1. Halal Australia Beef Course (3,980 yen)

2. Halal Japanese Black Beef Course (Wagyu) (7,980 yen)

3. Halal Ozaki Beef Course (Branded Wagyu) (14,800 yen)

This time we tried one of the wagyu course, the Halal Japanese Black Beef Course!

※Japanese black beef is a native Japanese cattle breeds known as wagyu, famous with its world-famous marbling that have a sweet with no greasy taste.

The Halal Japanese Black Beef Course

The course comes in a fulfilling foods in nice volume. Can’t wait to enjoy that tasty meat !

The Japanese black beef meat is chewy yet juicy and does not greasy. You can feel how tasty the meat-juice fill your mouth! Each slice is in a big size that give a nice satisfactory.

The steak comes with two sauces, sweet chili sauce and yakiniku sauce. Dip the meat into a sauce, it meets great if enjoyed  together with warm rice!

Besides of the steak, there are karaage (Japanese fried chicken) with crunchy outside and juicy inside, flavorful beef streaks stew, savory soup with some vegetables inside, and halal cream daifuku.

Muslims enjoy the steak

Overall, volume of the menu is really satisfying. We bet it will keep you stomach full!

We Checked the Kitchen!

Alhamdulillah this time, they gave us a chance to take a look on the kitchen and check the seasonings, meats, table wares, and kitchen wares used.

Wagyu Otoko COWBOY are using halal-certified meat and halal seasonings, as well as halal-exclusive kitchen wares. The table wares used for halal menu are all-new items.

Halal-certified meats

Halal Ozaki beef

Kitchen wares for halal menu are marked with green tape.

Halal seasonings

Halal-exclusive table wares and cooking wares storage

They provide all-new table wares for halal menu

If you happen to be in Shibuya, visit Wagyu Otoko COWBOY!


About Wagyu Otoko COWBOY

3F Kokusai Bldg A, 13-16, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042
Mon~Fri 16:00~23:00 ; Sat~Sun 12:00~23:00
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