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<Must-See! Jobseeker information for companies looking for recruitment>
■Malaysian nationality, female, around 30 y.o
4th grade of Engineering Faculty in a University in Japan.
In charge of Halal-related project in a Japanese company for 4 years.
Speaking language for business: Japanese, English, Malay
Desired industry: manufacture, consulting, education/service, admin office, sales

■Indonesian nationality, female, around 20 y.o
Have work experience in travel agency/hotel for 4 years.
Speaking language for business: Japanese, English, Bahasa Indonesia
Desired industry: media, tourism/service, admin office, sales

■Pakistani Nationality, male, around 20 y.o
Graduated from a University in Japan (Fresh Graduate)
Speaking language for business: Japanese, English, Urdu
Desired industry: manufacture, trading company, media/sales, marketing


Good afternoon.
This is Wada from Career Diversity, Inc., a group company of Food Diversity, Inc. Our company (Career Diversity, Co., Ltd promotes diversification in career/job).
Diversity Human Resources Support:

In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, the company is building a foundation in preparation for post-corona, such as corporate management and personnel consolidation. Under this situation, the number of foreigners residing in Japan has exceeded 2.8 million and it’s inevitable that companies will accept foreign human resources.  The recruitment of talented human resources in Asia is becoming more intense, and many Japanese companies recently decided to hire overseas human resources.

Indonesia is a market to countries to securing human resources that are led by China and South Korea which accounts for about 40% of the population. Considering that fact, Career Diversity, Inc. has partnered with Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia’s highest school in science, to support the career development of Indonesian human resources. In the future, we will provide career support programs for Indonesian students and recruitment support for Japanese companies in Indonesia (press release below).

【Indonesia and Japan】
Indonesia is one of Southeast Asia’s leading multi-ethnic countries with approx. 270 million people (#4 in the world). In addition to the huge population, the average age of Indonesian people is 29 years old, and the population ratio of the younger generations is very high, also it’s known as a rapidly growing emerging economic power, supported by stable domestics politics.

The Indonesian economy is growing at a remarkable speed. There are 5 ‘unicorn companies’, which means unlisted start-up companies with a valuation of more than US$1 billion and they stand in the top 10 rankings in the world, surpassing 4 companies in Japan and Hong Kong.

The number of Indonesian living in Japan has increased about 2.5 times in the last 6 years and by 2020, the number reached more than 60,000. On the other hand, the number of Japanese companies expanding to Indonesia was 1489 companies by November 2019, which is the third-largest in ASEAN after Vietnam and Thailand, which can be said that both countries become an important partner.

In this COVID-19 pandemic, companies around the world are shifting their bases from China into ASEAN as [detachment from the dependency of China], for example in May 2020, Apple Inc. (USA) which is familiar with iPhone, began to shift its production from China to Vietnam as it expanded the production line for the latest wireless earphone. Also, the largest textile company in Southeast Asia, Sri Rejeki Isman Company (Indonesia) has rapidly increasing inquiries from major apparel manufacturers who also did the detachment from the dependency of China.

In 2018, the number of Japanese language learners in Indonesia reached about 700,000, making Indonesia became the second largest country to learn Japanese in the world after China which has about 1 million learners). Indonesia is known as a Pro-Japan country in ASEAN and one of the leading candidates for the relocation of Japanese companies.

【Bandung Institute of Technology】

Bandung Institute of Technology is the national university of science in Bandung, West Java. It’s the most popular and most difficult university in Indonesia that 400,000 students taking the exam every year with a passing quota of only 2000 people. It’s ranked 1st in the science field and 3rd in the general field in the 2020 Indonesia University Ranking. Among the alumni, there is the first Indonesia President, Ir. Soekarno, and many politicians, business people, cultural figures that are listed and play the main role in the development of the country.

【Japan Career Days】



In recent years, many Japanese universities and companies suffering from a lack of human resources, have expanded into Southeast Asia to secure talented human resources. Among other things, recruitment activities in Bandung Institute of Technology, where excellent engineers are enrolled, becoming more intense. The university was eagerly and actively responding to Japanese companies. And in 2019, “Japan Career Days” was born as an independent form from the university’s career center, as the department in charge for Japanese companies.

Japan Career Days is a walk-in interview job fair with some courses; Japanese language, business manner, and introduction of Japanese companies. Currently, we have an office in Bandung and Yogyakarta and partners not only with Bandung Institute of Technology but also with Gajah Mada University (#2 in Indonesia University Ranking). With this partnership, we offer an online platform to support Indonesian students and alumni since 2020.

【Project Partnership with Career Diversity, Co., Ltd】
With the purpose to support more Indonesian students to achieve a career in Japan, this project partnership scope is as follows:

1. Japanese business Program

2. Career-building Seminar

3. Conducting Indonesian local recruitment interviews for Japanese companies 

4. Support The Graduates Life in Japan 

Business Japanese Program will be guided and supervised by Ms. Arita Sachiko, who is working as a Japanese language teacher in Cirebon, Indonesia in 2019 and an expert in Japanese language education in Indonesia. She completed training in the Japanese Language Partners Program of the Japan Foundation, which is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and teaches Japanese to about 100 local students.   The career-building seminar will be held by Mr. Wada Kaiji, CEO of Career Diversity, Inc. He has experience as a supervisor managing the Japanese language Institution in Indonesia and also become a judge for Japanese speech contests in local universities. Over the past 2 years, more than 1000 Indonesian have participated in his language training and career-related seminars.

【Inquiries regarding recruitment of Indonesian Human Resources】
Our company supports the recruitment of international human resources including Indonesian.

Feel free to contact us for any of the following:
■No English-speaking employee or other languages speaker and have no idea how to interact.
■No knowledge about residence status, visa, and life support.
■Not sure about religion or culture.

About Diversity Human Resources Support:

【Company Profile】
■Japan Career Days
Representative:Dr. Eng. Bambang Setia Budi
Address:Surapati Core, Jalan Anggrek Boulevard J-10, Pasirlayung, Kota Bandung, 40192, Indonesia
Established on:2019
Business description: job fair project, language training project

■Career Diversity, Inc.
Representative:Wada Kaiji
Address:Koumi Building 3F, 1-16-8, Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Established on:July 2020
Capital:5,000,000 JPY
Business description:human resources consulting, recruitment

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