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A Halal Curry Shop Opens in Kagoshima With The Concept “One Table”

Kagoshima has a halal Japanese curry restaurant that opens this April with the concept of “one table”, where people from various countries and religions can enjoy meals at the same table (around one table) called Chabuya Kakudo, situated at a 5-mins walk from Kagoshima University.

This shop is supervised by Mr. Shirasawa, who produced Samurai Ramen which is overwhelmingly popular with Muslims, and it is already a popular restaurant to visit for Muslims living in Kagoshima. They use halal-certified chicken and all cooking utensils, plates, etc. are prepared exclusively for halal. Chabuya Kakudo is specializing in curry that is free of chemical seasoning and is carefully made using Japanese soup stock and spices, and all menus use fermented germinated brown rice which is rich in minerals.

Halal-certified chicken used in the restaurant

Recommended Meals To Have at Chabuya Kakudo

Chabuya Kinsei Cutlet Curry

These two are their most recommended menu. “Kinsei” means “humbly made, made with heart” which reflects clearly on every bite. The cutlet topping is actually made from vegetables, but the quality is so indistinguishable from the actual meat.

Halal chicken karaage curry

There is no doubt that the curry with fried chicken, which is juicy finished with high-quality oil, will fascinate Muslims who like meat. The spices and fried chicken go great together, and many Muslims living in Kagoshima go to eat them as regulars.

Mabo curry

The appetizing aroma and the spicy mabo tofu with sansho that brings out the spicy favor are completely reproduced to the texture of minced meat by using the popular Omni meat (Halal-certified), makes it heavily popular among woman costumers.

Mackerel spicy curry

The restaurant did a lot of research to produce an exquisite formulation of the special mackerel and spices to complement each other, but it is definitely a taste that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from small children to the elderly.

Restaurant Chabuya Kakudo
Address   2-53-13, 1F, Arata, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima 890-0054
Opening hour Closed on Sunday
Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat 11:30-21:30
Thurs 11:30-19:00
Tel 099-230-0172
Halal Gourmet Japan