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Halal Ozaki Beef Course at the Honke Tankuma Honten, Kyoto

Honke Tankuma Honten in Kyoto is an old-established washoku (Japanese cuisine) restaurant with 90 years of history, which acquired Halal certificate from Kyoto Halal Council as well as Halal Chef Certificate from Japan Halal Association. They started to offer Halal food since September 2014.

With the requests from customers, Honke Tankuma Honten that recognized with two-stars from Michelin and with first class chef, is now offers the highest rank of Japanese beeef in menu  “Halal Ozaki Beef Kaiseki Course” !

The Halal Ozaki Beef Kaiseki Course

The course consists of 11 dishes (price : 50,000 yen)
・Appetizer (including Ozaki beef sushi)
・Japanese style roast Ozaki beef
・Ozaki beef Soup
・Charcoal-Grilled Ozaki beef
・Stewed Ozaki beef and Japanese vegetables
・Cooled parboiled Ozaki beef
・Tempura of Ozaki beef
・Small soup

※Some items on the menu may change based on ingredient availability.

Since the Ozaki beef is the highest rank of Japanese beef, only the professional chef could cook it perfectly to brought up its maximum flavor. Its melting-sensation is extremely-delicious and overwhelming. This is it, the most delicious beef ever!

Ozaki beef is available in each dish in the course, even in the soup! A satisfying course menu to enjoy!


Please make reservation on link below.

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※Reservation required 2 days before at 12:00