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Tendon Itsuki Ginza is known as one of the most popular restaurants among Muslim since it first started dealing with Halal two years ago. It is located about a 2-minute walk from JR Yurakucho Station.

Among the most well-known area full of luxury brands in Ginza, lies ‘Tendon Itsuki’ that is popular with their Cost Performance, means good performance in maintaining or reducing costs, or cost-per-unit of output. The exceptional price setting of “One bowl for 1000 yen,”.

This time, “a slightly rich menu” is made their way in their menu!

The interior is quite small as there is only a small counter inside, but this is a great chance as you could see clearly the way the chef made the tempura!

Four Large Prawn?! A Must Try “Great Prawn Tendon”

This menu is popular among the Muslims as well.

・Prawn 4 pieces

・Chicken 2 pieces

・Soft boil egg

・Vegetables 4 pieces

With all of these included in the tendon, it costs only 1350 Yen!

Since prawn has an expensive image in seafood category, it is a surprise that  this menu contains four of large prawn with only 1350 yen.

There are a lot of high-end stores that have a chef who fried in front of you, yet there may be no other restaurant that you can eat at this price (and it is Halal).

Want a Richer Taste? Then Try the Recommended “Extremely Toppings Tendon”!

・Blow fish

・Snow Crab





・Soft Boil egg

・Vegetables 4 pieces

This extremely toppings tendon comes with an affordable price 2200 yen, including a high quality ingredients such as blow fish, snow crab, as well as conger.

There may not be many Muslims who have heard about blow fish or snow crab, thus it is definitely recommended for those who would love to experience the luxurious meal as the Japanese always had.

Miso Soup, Pickles, and Steamed Egg(Chawan Mushi) too!

A miso soup, pickles, and steamed chawan also come in a set, so it is more beneficial! (and all-you-can-eat pickles!)

Dessert is Also Fulfilling!

Frozen daifuku is the best after done eating tendon!

You can choose from 4 kinds of flavor ; strawberry, green tea, mango and cafe au lait.

Get a Good Deals by Downloading the Application!

When visiting Tendon Itsuki, don’t forget to download “Ramen Keisuke” application (*affiliated store of Itsuki) to get a special deal!


For Android user DOWNLOAD HERE

It is a system where you need to collect stamps, and every time you collect a stamp, you may receive one of the services “one free frozen daifuku/ large serving of rice / free oolong tea or orange juice”!

In addition, if you collect up to 10 points, you will be delighted with the free gift of Tendon or Vegetable Tendon!

This service is certainly hype us up, right?

If you happen to be in Ginza, do not forget to pay a visit and enjoy they superb Tendon!

Ginza-INZ 2F, 3-1, Ginza-nishi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
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