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Assalamu Alaykum, this is the store manager of SEKAICAFE-Asakusa-, Ami.
It has been a year since SEKAICAFE-Asakusa- opened on November 11th 2014, on World Peace Day.

We are very happy to have many Muslim customers visit us.
We have great news for our customers to celebrate our one-year anniversary!
You can now eat ramen from Sano: Nikkoken at SEKAICAFE-Asakusa-!


The ramen made by Mr. Goka which was only available at Sano: Nikkoken has been reproduced in Asakusa as SEKAICAFE’s original hand-made Sano ramen.

The ramen is one-of-a-kind with a light-tasting soup and tender hand mad noodles.
It is available from tomorrow, limited to 10 dishes a day!

We can only serve 10 dishes of this ramen per day, so please try out our other menus when it is sold out. Thank you for your understanding.
We will be looking forward to serving you.

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