Written by Fara-san

Recently, on October 27, 2015, my husband and myself visited Hida Takayama, which situated in Gifu Prefecture. The trip from Nagoya to Hida Takayama took almost three hours journey by express train.
We had the opportunity to meet the Leader of Muslim Friendly Project Hida Takayama, Mr.Shimizu and Ms. Naoko of Educational Department in Hida City Office. We had lunch together at one of the local restaurant called KOFUNE. According to Mr. Shimizu, KOFUNE restaurant served non-pork and non-alcohol menu and many of Muslim visitors had tasted their food at this restaurant. We ordered soba and the taste was tasty and delicious. Actually, I loved soba and it is one of my Japanese favourite menu. Before leaving the place, I had a chance to meet the restaurant owner of KOFUNE and we had a photo snapshot.
I realized the Muslim Friendly Project not a simply act. Displayed self-assured, patient and hard working considered apart of the keywords for someone to reached gateway to success. Honestly, I am so impressed with what the Leader of Muslim Friendly Project contributed towards Muslim Friendly access activities development so far. Your great job most appreciated, in order to make everyone of us can stay and live in a peaceful environment regardless individual nationalities and cultural beliefs.
Lastly but not least, I would like to extend my special thanks to Mr.Shimizu and Ms. Naoko for all the nice things they did for my spouse and myself. Being as a Muslim that making a trip to Non-Muslim regions first come to our mind is food, wudu’ and space to perform prayer. The boundaries feeling of Muslim visitor getting better little by little that leads to mutual understanding in social development within the host community. The product and services rendered to Muslim traveller is really appreciated, in order to experience a decent, enjoyable and unforgettable trip. Your great effort made my educational trip to Hida Takayama both enjoyable and rewarding. My special thanks to Mr. Akihiro Shugo for his various assistance.

17:00~蕎麦がなくなり次第 (As soon as soba disappears, it ends.) WED is closed.
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