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Written by Ali-san

Imagine going to the France and not eating the cheese, or going to India and not rejoicing the curry! These co-relations might seem implausible but for Muslims coming to Japan, the Famous Japanese Ramen is still a dish most cannot rejoice.

Our journey in the hunt of a Halal Ramen, led us to Naritaya Ramen Shop in Asakusa. The entrance seemed fairly normal but a step inside the shop showed an entirely different site. Women in Hijab and several foreigners accompanied with Japanese rejoicing Ramen, is a sight I doubt one might find anywhere else in Japan. “It is my third year living in Japan and today, finally I got to eat the Ramen”, said a young student who came all the way from Oita to Tokyo.

Naritaya, a Ramen shop being run by a Japanese owener with other employees being Muslims, has become an important Halal Ramen shop in Asakusa region with tourists coming frequently. The shop’s menu is diverse with offerings including fried chicken and several other seasonings to observe the Halal food restrictions.

The Naritaya Ramen shop is a must visit place for first time Ramen eaters in Tokyo. It is a 5 min walk away from the Asakusa Train Station, and if you find difficulty in finding the shop you can use the Halal Gourmet Japan application or visit the tourist information center to get the Asakusa Map made by the Halal Media Japan.

Do tell us, how your experience at the Naritaya was.

10:00~22:00 (Mon~Fri) 11:00~23:00 (Sat, Sun, Holiday)
2-7-13, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
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