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If you got a chance to visit Japan, what you would like to have?

Enjoying red-yellow leaves, snow, cherry blossom, building, etc is popular sightseeing, but “experience” is the one that you should not miss.
And now, we happily bring you exciting “experience”!!

That popular “Japanese Restaurant Matsuri” in Osaka, that is welcoming more than 1,000 customers in a month, is started cooking class from January!!

Here we will introduce you how excited Muslim customers enjoying cooking class on Matsuri!!

Located on the main area of Kansai! Enjoy delicious lunch and cooking class!


Japanese Restaurant Matsuri has best access, it is located in 10 min.walk from Namba station, or 1 min. walk from Subway Noda Hanshin station, or 6 min. walk from JR Noda station (2 station away from Osaka station).

Let’s have the cooking experience!


This time, we had 5 Malaysia students studying in Kansai University to have cooking experience at Japanese Restaurant Matsuri!!

3 courses you can choose

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Courses available here are “Japanese brunch”, “Osaka Soul Food”, and “Matsuri Top Menu”, where we can experience cook abundance of menus included in each course!
This time, course chosen is “Japanese brunch course” where we can make dashi roll, grilled fish, gyoza, and many other Japanese food that often available in Japanese style set meal!!

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On the day, bilingual staff who had experience staying in Indonesia and study abroad, and chef with 7 years cooking experience will guide and support us while having cooking experience, so you will have no need to worry about!!

After decided each person’s role, cooking class start!

1-2 persons made dashi roll, grilled fish, gyoza, onigiri, and miso soup for all participant. All process was carried out simultaneously ^^

Make gyoza. Will it fried well?

Make onigiri. Chef and staff of the restaurant gave tips and trick to make beautiful triangle onigiri. It seems pretty difficult for the first time!

Dashi roll. Will beautifully roll it!!

All participant gets very excited as they are beautifully roll the dashi roll and sniffing delicious smell of foods they are making!

After all menu complete, let’s taste it!! Itadakimasu!


All participants got very satisfied experiencing cooking class!!
Japanese food cooking experience + have the meal is a very great deal!!

On halal kitchen Matsuri, participants and staffs get closer each other, a pleasant environment you can only get here!! 🙂

Want to know more? Please check video below!

We have video of cooking class in Japanese Restaurant Matsuri, so please take a look!

Pray space is also available!

You will have no need to worry about praying.
Here in Matsuri, there is complete wudu’ place and pray space where pray mat and pray clothes are available!!

Got not enough time to have cooking class? Don’t worry! Matsuri also has delicious meal for you!!

Halal Kitchen Matsuri is normally operating as a restaurant.
If time on your schedule does not match to have cooking class, you still can get delicious meal here in Matsuri, from takoyaki, okonomiyaki, ramen, sushi, Japanese style curry, halal Kobe beef, and many more!!

Located in the strategic area of Kansai, Matsuri not only offer you delicious meal, but also cooking experience that will make you stop by again and again.


Please make reservation from homepage below. It will need payment in advance where you can complete the payment through the homepage.
One cooking class will have 4 to 8 participants and will take for approximately 2 hours.
Please confirm cooking class time through email address listed below.


Japanese Restaurant Matsuri

10:00~16:00 (cooking experience) / 11:00~14:00, 17:00~23:00 (normal order)
3-27-17 Yoshino, Fukushima-ku, Osaka 〒553-0006
Halal Gourmet Japan