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Let’s have a Halal trip to the famous Okunikko Onsen

Okunikko, the famous travel destination that is known to those in the know. Here you can witness the beauty of Kegon no Taki or Kegon Falls Nikko and Lake Chuzenji that is located high up in the mountains.

Nikko is well known for Onsen, but the hot water is gushing out from hot spring area in Yumoto Onsen, Okunikko.


Hot spring area

In addition to Onsen, Spa Village Kamaya also provide Ski area where you can enjoy snow sport.


Yunoko Lake

Hot spring hotel Spa Village Kamaya located in Yumoto Onsen, Okunikko started serving Halal menu.

As a matter of fact, Nikko is well known for their local products, like Yuba (tofu or food made from soy skin), fish, mushrooms and vegetables. There are many ingredients that Muslims can enjoy without worry. Okunikko is rich in nature that can be a popular spot for Muslims.

Muslim-friendly Spa Village Kamaya offers Halal menu and private Onsen!


Guest room

In Spa Village Kamaya you can enjoy Onsen in just 3 minutes walk from the hot spring area. The hot water flowing directly from the highest hot spring source in Japan.

It is said that components contained in hot spring are very good for health. Hot spring can help with Neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, coldness, fatigue and health improvement.


Large public bath


Open air bath

◯ Halal menu 
Menus using Nikko local ingredients such as Yuba (tofu or food made from soy skin), fish, mushrooms and vegetables are Spa Village Kamaya’s specialty.


Halal course


Niwatori no Mushinabe (steamed chicken dish)


Iwana no Ankake (grilled Rockfish topped with thick sauce)


Yuba Tofu, Yuba no Nimono (stewed Yuba), Namayuba (raw Yuba)


Maitake no Tempura Soba (Soba with Maitake mushrooms Tempura)

Breakfast menu also available.


Condiments used by Spa Village Kamaya, like Shoyu sauce and Men Tsuyu sauce are Halal certified.


In advance, Spa Village Kamaya has Muslim customers tried the menu. And Spa Village Kamaya started serving Halal menu after an observation on Malaysian and Indonesian favorite flavor and serving mechanism.

*Menus will vary from time to time and depends on the season. For Halal menu, please let the hotel know when you make the reservation

◯ Family bath

You can enjoy family bath without reservation and additional charges.


2549-28 Yumoto, Nikko-shi, Tochigi 321-1662, Japan
From Tobu Nikko station, take Tobu bus for 90 minutes to Yumoto Onsen bus stop
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