Ryokan AYUNOSATO Re-Opens

Kyushu area was facing a heavy rain disaster in 2020 that badly damages homes and buildings, especially in Hitoyoshi city in Kumamoto Prefecture.

After renovating for approximately a year, the first Muslim-friendly Ryokan Ayunosato re-opens on 30 August 2021 (Monday).

Ryokan Ayunosato is the first and the only halal-certified accommodation in the area, serving a delightful relaxation to enjoy an extraordinary experience with a halal meal course that allows you to enjoy the juicy Hitoyoshi’s halal wagyu beef!

Stay in a ryokan means you can enjoy their hot spring! They have a private hot spring and unique bathing clothes for those who want to try the public bath.

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The Only Halal Certified Ryokan in Kyushu Area, The Hitoyoshi Natural Hot Springs “Ryokan Ayunosato”

30 Kokonoka-cho,Hitoyoshi-shi, Kumamoto 868-0004
3 days in advance
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