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Repeating Inevitable! “Japanese Restaurant Matsuri” Starts The Best Halal Kobe Beef Menus

This restaurant is the most popular in Osaka among Muslims because of a plenty of Halal Japanese menus such as Takoyaki, Ramen, and Gyoza.

Two Kind of New Halal Kobe Beef Menus

This time, these two dishes are newly added to the lineup.
They provide them based on the concept “Joy of choosing”. They picked up the voices that many people want to eat some Kobe beef even while sharing with friends even though it is expensive.

Halal Kobe Beef Curry ¥3,000 (including tax)

Japanese curry menus that they just have started already became the popular order. Please eat the beef with dipping the Japanese curry well. NO other offer this luxurious curry served with Kobe beef.

Halal Kobe Beef Teppan Yakiniku ¥4,000 (including tax)

This must be satisfying as a big portion of beef is cooked in it! The collaboration of Kobe beef, sauce, and hot rice will surely attract your tounge. So then, inside of the restaurant will be filled with “Oishii” of the people from around the world.

These menus are available even though there is no reservation in advance. Moreover, you can add some amount of beef if you want more.

Let’s get ready to go hunt Kobe beef at Japanese Restaurant Matsuri.

Japanese Restaurant Matsuri

[Lunch] 11:00-14:00 [Dinner] 17:00-24:00
Daily open
3-27-17 Yoshino, Fukushima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Halal Gourmet Japan