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【This Restaurant Has Already Moved to Other Place】

Finally Halal Kobe Beef Ramen Delivered to You! “Sharing Cafe Kobe Nagomi”

Halal Kobe Beef Ramen is finally started to serve!

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Lately, along with the increasing number of the Halal ramen shop, it became the major option for Muslims when it comes to decision to eat outside.

At the same time, “ Kobe Beef” is the most-known wagyu brand for now especially among Muslims coming / living here. So, many people come to Japan only to seek Kobe beef.
Then, at this moment, you can see a collaboration of them here in Sharing Cafe Kobe Nagomi finally!

How Good Is This Restaurant?

Feel like your home

Here you can comfortably make yourself at home without worrying other things. This “Japanese” space will surly relax your body and heart as well. There is a prayer space, so no choice but to chill here.
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Ramen Menu for All

The owner started this menu from his passion like “I would like both, Japanese and Muslims, to enjoy the same menu.
Nagomi RamenNagomi Ramen menu

Sharing Cafe Kobe Nagomi

33-10, Kanda-cho, Hyogo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo
Only for reservation
Halal Gourmet Japan