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Plant-Based Culinary Delight Will Be Available at a New Open Area in June 2024!

Tokyo Disney Sea is set to enchant its visitors not just with its newest area, Fantasy Spring which is planned to open in June 2024, but also with its commitment to catering to the growing demand for plant-based cuisine.

Plant-Based Burger

Visitors can indulge in a plant-based burger set that includes a choice between a refreshing salad or the classic French fries, accompanied by a soft drink. These dishes are crafted from entirely plant-based ingredients, according to Tokyo Disney Resort Website, ensuring a delightful dining experience that aligns with vegetarian values and dietary preferences.

The burger set is available for 1,490 yen while the burger itself for a single item order is available for 950.

Fantasy Spring’s plant-based burger (Source: Tokyo Disney Resort)

The plant-based burger is planned to be available at the new open “Snuggle Duckling” shop.

Savor the Enchantment

The meticulous attention to using plant-based ingredients highlights Tokyo Disney Sea’s dedication to inclusivity and sustainability, ensuring that every visitor, regardless of their dietary habits, can enjoy a magical dining experience.

In a world increasingly leaning towards sustainability and ethical eating, Tokyo Disney Sea’s initiative to introduce plant-based food options is a commendable step. It not only caters to the growing vegan and vegetarian demographic but also offers all visitors a chance to explore delicious, eco-friendly food choices.

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