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Halal and Muslim-Friendly Options on G7

The G7 Kagawa-Takamatsu Urban Ministers Meeting, held from July 7 to July 9, 2023, kickstarted with a Welcome Reception on July 7, jointly organized by Kagawa Prefecture and Takamatsu City.

The G7 Urban Ministers Meeting, first hosted in Potsdam, Germany, in September 2022, selected Takamatsu City as its second venue. Over three days, the event focuses on sustainable urban development, climate change mitigation, and urban digitization. During the opening ceremony, Governor Toyohito Ikeda of Kagawa Prefecture, Mayor Hideto Onishi of Takamatsu City, and Minister Tetsuo Saito of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism delivered welcome speeches and expressed their enthusiasm for the meeting.

At the Welcome Reception, Ryotei Nicho,  a renowned traditional Japanese restaurant in Kagawa Prefecture, collaborated with Saido, a vegan restaurant in Tokyo’s Jiyugaoka neighborhood, to present a selection of vegan and Muslim-friendly Japanese dishes as the following:

  • Edamame with miso and crushed avocado
  • Jade eggplant and lotus root tempura
  • Walnut tofu with roasted walnuts
  • Yuba shumai (steamed tofu skin dumplings)
  • Red konjac jelly, lotus mochi, and cucumber skewers
  • Inarizushi (sushi rice wrapped in fried tofu)
  • Corn soup
  • Simmered fried eggplant
  • Local vegetable tempura
  • Mock eel rice bowl
  • Mock grilled chicken skewers
  • Mock meatball sweet vinegar glaze
  • Local fruits from Sanuki
  • Wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionery)

Japanese cuisine carefully crafted by Ryotei Nicho and Saido

Chef Kusumoto explains the food to the participants

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Mr. Yamamoto, the representative of Ryotei Nicho, expressed his commitment to providing diverse culinary options for visitors from around the world, stating, “Regardless of different religions, cultures, or beliefs, we want people from all over the world to enjoy Kagawa Prefecture’s cuisine. We will continue to expand our food choices.”

Chef Kusumoto from Saido shared his perspective, saying, “We received various special requests, such as vegan and halal preferences, and we were delighted to provide Japanese cuisine that catered to all these requirements. It is crucial, especially in significant international conferences, to make efforts in ensuring that food does not create barriers among participants.”

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