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Understanding the Concept of Multicultural Coexistence

Until a Mosque is Built in Kagawa,” published in January 2023, is a book that depicts the two-year struggle of an Indonesian man living in Kagawa Prefecture to build a mosque.

In recent years, the number of foreign residents in Japan has been rapidly increasing. Not only international students and technical trainees but also permanent residents and naturalized citizens are on the rise. As a result, Japanese society is becoming more diverse, and daily life increasingly requires communication with people from different cultural backgrounds. At the same time, the establishment of a “community” where foreigners can live comfortably in Japan has become crucial as a vital support system during various challenges they may face in their lives.

Through this book, the author discusses how Japanese individuals can communicate with foreign residents and provide community support. It is an essential read for Japan as it moves towards becoming a multicultural coexistence society.

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【Table of Contents】
Chapter 1: Encounter and Intervention – Muslim Prayers Resonating in the Japanese-style Room
Chapter 2: Gathering at Yume Town Food Court – A Close Look at Donation Activities
Chapter 3: The Man of Duty and Compassion – Fikar’s Turbulent Life
Chapter 4: Fikar’s Trauma Revealed in the Property Search
Chapter 5: Chaotic Property Hunt – Realities of Discrimination and Prejudice
Chapter 6: Technical Trainees and the Mosque – Fikar’s Support for His Younger Brother
Chapter 7: Mosque Completion is Near! – The Sudden Appearance of a Mysterious Wealthy Muslim
Chapter 8: The Pandemic Unveiling the Bonds Among Muslims
Chapter 9: Risky Plans and the Fate of Reckless Challenges
Chapter 10: Partner’s Betrayal – A Sudden Turn of Events
Chapter 11: The Significance of Diversity – Saved by the Muslim Worldview
Chapter 12: Concerns for My Daughters
Chapter 13: The Eve of a Rapid Advance – Video Production and Tearful Concert
Chapter 14: Finally in Motion – The Strength of the Indonesian Community
Chapter 15: A Bus Trip with 70 People – Lost Friends and My Pursuit of Understanding Muslims
Chapter 16: Mosque Completion and the Sacred Starting Point

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