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At The Forefront of Food Technology

In April 2023, Dr.Foods announced the successful development of plant-based caviar, where they conducted all aspects of sourcing raw materials, development, and production at the”treasure trove of food”, Iwate Prefecture.

Dr.Foods collaborated with Mama Foods Co., Ltd. to achieve a significant milestone: the successful development of the world’s first plant-based caviar. This groundbreaking accomplishment took approximately one year, with Iwate Prefecture serving as their primary location.

Despite Iwate Prefecture being renowned for its plentiful seafood and specialty items, especially along the Sanriku Coast, the region has been grappling with diminishing fishing yields. In response to this challenge, Dr.Foods undertook the development of an innovative specialty product known as “plant-based caviar.”

Dr.Foods has successfully created plant-based caviar using seaweed as its primary ingredient. Utilizing their unique technology, they carefully encase oils and fats, mimicking the process of dropping them into coagulation liquid to produce a product that resembles artificial roe. Unlike traditional plant-based caviar, which often has low oil and fat content and a chewy texture, Dr.Foods’ proprietary technology allows them to incorporate a higher amount of oils and fats, resulting in a luxurious, smooth mouthfeel and flavor.

Dr.Foods is committed to continuing the development of alternative food products, including their plant-based caviar, with the goal of contributing to the establishment of an environmentally friendly society.

Additionally, a special dish called “Vegan Caviar-topped Eggplant,” featuring Dr.Foods’ plant-based caviar, will be exclusively available at the “Sushi Tonari” restaurant (branch of “Azabu-Juban Yoshiki”) from April 26th (Wednesday) to May 16th (Tuesday), 2023.

Plant-based caviar (50 g/bottle, 4400 yen tax in) *Not available for sale yet.

Vegan caviar-topped eggplant (880 yen, limited 10 pcs/day)

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