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In February 2023, UMAMI UNITED PTE. LTD. (headquartered in Singapore, CEO Hiroto Yamazaki) developed plant-based eggs and announced the release of a new product “UMAMI EGG FLAVOR” (for commercial use) that allows the easy addition of egg aroma and flavor to food. The product is now available for sale both domestically and internationally and has already been adopted by multiple food manufacturing companies worldwide.

The product comes at the price of 10,000 yen including tax.

For purchasing in domestic Japan:

Main Ingredients

Tapioca starch (domestically produced), nutritional yeast, pumpkin powder, rock salt, shiitake mushroom umami powder, and carrot powder.

Important Notice

We recommend not heating it as the flavor may weaken. If using it with heated food, we suggest adding it at the end of cooking to maintain its flavor.

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A Word from The Company UMAMI UNITED

Our mission is to “Create the Future with ONE TABLE”, and we are engaged in the development and sales of plant-based eggs, “UMAMI EGG”.

UMAMI EGG is not only capable of expressing the taste and texture of eggs alone but also focuses on the functions that eggs possess, making it a versatile product that can be used not only in side dishes but also in confectionery. We use unique Japanese ingredients such as “konjac powder” and “nigari” as the main ingredients, and express the egg-like texture using the elasticity of konjac and the crispy texture of tofu.

We also extract UMAMI from food-loss mushrooms using fermentation technology such as koji enzymes to express the richness of eggs.

Our goal for the next generation is to develop delicious plant-based foods that seamlessly blend into our daily lives. We choose plant-based foods because they are delicious. We can enjoy eating them together at ONE TABLE because they are delicious. We can continue to eat them because they are delicious.

For a sustainable future, we focus on the wisdom and technology of traditional Japanese cuisine and the essence of UMAMI and deliver delicious plant-based food to Japan and the world.