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Prayer Room at Haneda Innovation City

In the complex of Haneda International Airport, the entrance of Japan, the area is keep innovating itself to serve something new and more. To create the next innovation in Japan by crossing and intersecting different values, Haneda Innovation City opened in 2020 offers the collaboration of the technology nurtured by Haneda’s town factory with the latest technology, also the harmony of traditional culture and modern art.

To welcome more inbound Muslim tourists, Haneda Innovation City provides a comfortable prayer room with men’s and women’s rooms separated, facilitated with wudu’ space, and qiblah mark.

The prayer room can accommodate about 3 people to pray at the same time. The room is located at 2F of zone J.

The prayer room at Haneda Innovation City on Japan Masjid Finder

Access to Haneda Innovation City

Right after Tenkubashi station on the monorail.

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