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Prayer Rooms and Halal Delights in Saitama’s Shopping Gem

Nestled on the outskirts of Tokyo, Fukaya Hanazono Premium Outlet beckons savvy shoppers with a promise of budget-friendly deals. This retail haven, established in late 2022, showcases 137 establishments, offering everything from high-end international brands like Bally and Valentino to renowned Japanese retailers such as United Arrows and Beams.

Prayer Room

Recognizing the needs of Muslim visitors, Fukaya Hanazono Premium Outlet goes the extra mile to provide Muslim-friendly facilities. A well-appointed prayer room, conveniently located near the Information Center, ensures a quiet and neat space for prayer.

Visitors are kindly asked to inform the staff before and after using the prayer room, which comes equipped with facilities for wudu and a qiblah mark.

Halal Dining at AMARA

For those seeking halal dining options, AMARA, a curry restaurant within the outlet, offers a delightful range of halal curries. It is inside the 2F food court on the opposite side of where the prayer room is located. Verified with both the Information Center and restaurant staff, the halal curry includes four options, ranging from sweet, non-spicy curries suitable for kids to spicier choices for those with a bolder palate.

Curry Restaurant AMARA

The blue-marked is halal curry options

Family-Friendly Entertainment

Fukaya Hanazono Premium Outlet isn’t just about shopping; it’s a family-friendly destination. Inspired by the iconic Gari Gari Kun ice cream bar, the dedicated children’s play zone boasts go-karts, ball pits, and a miniature drop-n-twist tower ride. It’s the perfect spot for younger visitors to enjoy a fun-filled break.

Convenient Access

Situated in the northern part of Saitama, Fukaya Hanazono Premium Outlet is easily accessible. A mere 3-minute walk from JR Fukaya Station and less than a 2-hour ride from Shinjuku Station, reaching this shopping paradise is a breeze.

Whether you’re in search of discounts, a tranquil prayer space, halal cuisine, or family-friendly entertainment, Fukaya Hanazono Premium Outlet invites you to experience a seamless blend of shopping and convenience.