Written by: Zunita Ramli

It has been announced that starting October 11, 2022, Japan removed the cap for daily arrival and re-instate visa-free travel for eligible passport holders. So, if you are planning to come to Japan anytime soon, why don’t come during winter to enjoy abundant snow in one of the snowy countries in Japan?

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Winter months

Winter in Japan is between December to February whereas January to February is the coldest month averaging just 5 degrees Celsius.

Japan in Winter

Japan receives abundant snow every year, particularly in snow countries area. Also called yukiguni (雪国, yuki means snow, kuni/guni means country). These snow countries receive an unparalleled amount of snow. The secret lies in the combination of cold air from Siberia, moisture from the Sea of Japan, and the lift created when the wind hits Japan mountain.

The scenic view from the gondola

Recommended Place to Go

Surrounded by the Japanese Alps with abundant and high-quality snow, Yuzawa Kogen in Niigata Prefecture is one of the best places to go. Only a 70-minute journey to the north from Tokyo via shinkansen (bullet train), Yuzawa Kogen is very accessible and very easy to go from Tokyo.

Apart from the beautiful Japanese Alps mountainous area in Yuzawa Kogen, it is also a great location for ski and snowboarders. They also offer ski and snowboard lessons for the beginner.

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The gondola ride to the top of the mountain is also a tourist attraction all year round. Many non-skiers ride up in the winter to enjoy the beautiful view as well as enjoy hot coffee in the restaurant at the top of the mountain.

There is also a playground where kids can have fun too. Some activities such as snow-tubing and sledding are also available at the top. So if you have a family with kids, your kids can also enjoy Yuzawa Kogen!

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If you don’t have ski equipment with you, you can rent a full set of ski or snowboarding equipment (including clothes) at the resort at a price starting from 7,600 yen~ for adults and 5,800 yen~ for children, also the option of selected equipment such as ski set only (3,400 yen~/adult) or snowboard set only (3,600 yen~/adult).

More info about operating hours and fare


By Train

About 70 minutes from Tokyo to Echigo-Yuzawa by the Joetsu Shinkansen (bullet train), and an 8-minute walk from Echigo-Yuzawa station.

During the winter season, the free shuttle bus operates from the #4 bus stop at the east exit of Echigo-Yuzawa station.

By Car

Just a 10-minute drive from Yuzawa IC of Kan-Etsu Expressway (approximately 3km).
In the summer season, we have a free parking lot behind our Mountain Base Station.
In the winter season, please use Takizawa Parking (500JPY), near the Ropeway Base Station.


Yuzawa Kogen
490 Yuzawa, Yuzawa-machi, Minamiuonuma-gun, Niigata, Japan 949-6101 (Google Map)
TEL:+81 25-784-3326

So next time you want to go to Japan, don’t forget to include Yuzawa Kogen in your itinerary. You will not regret it!

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