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Prayer Room at IKEA Tokyo Bay

IKEA, a Sweden-born home furnishing company spreading its shops all over the world, does not need to mention that IKEA is well-known throughout Japan too.

Among IKEA’s shops in Japan, IKEA Tokyo Bay located right after the JR Minami Funabashi Station (Keiyo line or Musashino line) in Chiba Prefecture is the only IKEA shop with a prayer room (editor’s research)!

IKEA Tokyo Bay. Photo credit to @mei_haruhi.

The prayer room is located at the 1F entrance beside the stairs to go to 2F, equipped with wudu’ space, a compass, and prayer mats. The room is compact and can accommodate up to 2 people to do prayer at the same time. Make sure to inform the staff in the entrance area when using it.


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IKEA Tokyo Bay shop map showing the location of the prayer room. Source: IKEA Japan.

The prayer room at IKEA Tokyo Bay. Photo credit to @breeebrina.

Wudu’ space. Photo credit to @mei_haruhi.

This service should be very convenient or Muslim customers to have an exciting shopping experience at IKEA Tokyo Bay.

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