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Here It Comes, Beyond Meat!

United Super Markets Holdings Inc. announced on Sept 2nd, 2022, that they are officially signed an exclusive sales agreement with American company BEYOND MEAT, INC., to distribute plant-based meat alternatives, “Beyond Meat” for Japan market.

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United Super Market Holdings Inc. plans to distribute the product to their affiliated companies; Maruetsu Co., Ltd., Kasumi Co., Ltd., and MaxValu Kanto Co., Ltd. The product is scheduled to be on sale around the fall of 2022 as part of the “Green Growers” lineup.

The Concept of The Brand “Green Growers”

Your body is made of what you eat.

Safety…….. With selected ingredients to living a safer diet.
Healthy ………… Your body is made of what you eat.
Environment-friendly …. Sustainable for the next generation.
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The photo was taken in Los Angeles.

This is the second attempt for Beyond Meat to enter the Japanese market, and in 2019, Mitsui & Co., Ltd. attempted to sell Beyond Meat products in Japan, but the plan fell through (the reason not disclosed). The meat substitute market in Japan has changed significantly since 2019 and is expected to enter the market again with the aim of revitalizing the market.


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