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ANA (All-Nippon Airways)

ANA offers a range of meals that cater to a wide variety of dietary requirements to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. They serve halal-certified Muslim meals as a special meal on international flights departing from Japan, available from September to November 2022. This meal is prepared in accordance with Islamic tradition and custom.

*Halal certified by MHCT (Malaysian Halal Consultation & Training) agency.
*Certain meals are subject to change.


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The Muslim Meal for Lunch/Dinner

ANA in-flight halal meal (lunch/dinner). Source: ANA Website.

The Muslim meal for lunch and dinner consists of:

・Butter chicken & spinach cottage cheese curry
・Salmon masala
・Mixed salad
・Rye roll
・Mango mousse

According to the website, some items will not be served on late-night flights first/business class.

The 2nd Muslim Meal

ANA In-Flight 2nd meal. Source: ANA Website.

Meanwhile, the 2nd Muslim meal consists of:

・Frittata & chicken sausage
・Petit Paris
・Pumpking muffin
・Plain yogurt

Please note that there are routes on which a 2nd meal is not served or light meals and/or snacks are served due to the flight duration.

How To Request Muslim Meal

The request for a special meal needs to be made separately after booking a flight ticket. You will be required to contact ANA up to 24 hours prior to your departure on an ANA-operated flight to request a Muslim meal. Please make your request from the ANA website or by phone.

If you change your flight reservation, you will need to make another request after completing your reservation change.

JAL (Japan Airlines)

JAL offers an extensive array of tempting special meals, including halal-certified Muslim meals which will be available from September to November 2022 on all international flights departing from Japan (Haneda/Narita). The Muslim meal is also available on flights departing from Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.

Additionally, JAL has changed all dishware used for Muslim meals to disposable ones in order to deliver a sense of security to Muslim customers.

*Halal certified by Japan Islamic Trust.
*Certain meals are subject to change.

First Meal

JAL’s Muslim first meal. Source: JAL Website.

Muslim first meal consists of:

・Spicy chicken rice
・Boiled vegetables
・Zucchini green beans carrots
・Mozzarella cheese tomatoes basil lemon Macedonian salad
・Marinated vegetables with apple cider vinegar
・Butter roll with margarine
・Yuzu sorbet

Muslim 2nd Meal

JAL’s Muslim 2nd meal. Source: JAL Website.

The Muslim 2nd meal consists of:

・Hamburg steak and penne with vegetable sauce
・Salad (red bell pepper, cucumber, mini tomato, lemon, lettuce)
・Ratatouille with andives and ripe olives
・Marinated mushrooms with apple cider vinegar salad greens
・Assorted fruits
・Butter roll with margarine

How To Request Muslim Meal

You will need to make a separate request for a special meal (including a Muslim meal) after booking a flight ticket, at least 25 hours before departure on the JAL website, or 24 hours before departure on phone (JAL website and phone information).

Have a nice and safe flight!

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