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The Muslim-Favorite Gyomu Super Comes to Malaysia!

Gyomu Super has been a popular supermarket among Muslims after they sell halal foods, reaching a wide scope of customers from exchange/international students to housewives. The supermarket is selling imported products, including halal-certified products at a reasonable price. 

The Gyomu Super opened its very first branch in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia on July 2022. The place can be accessed approximately 20 minutes ride by car from Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC).

Halal Products at Malaysia’s Gyomu Super

The Gyomu Super in Japan carries a wide variety of halal foods such as chicken, instant noodles, frozen foods, and seasonings, but what about Gyomu Super in Malaysia?

As of July 2022, when the interview team visited, there are more Japanese products than imported products, and there is a full lineup of products that Japanese people will miss overseas, such as sweets, cup noodles, and seasonings.

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About 60% of the Malaysian population is Muslim, so products that contain alcohol or pork are marked with “Contain Pork” or “Contain Alcohol”. As a result, there are often seen consumers who feel insecure about a product asking about ingredients and labeling to the store staff.

Product with label “Contain Alcohol”

Product with label “Contain Pork”

According to Japanese and Malaysians living around Kuala Lumpur, the prices are not that high. Other stores that sell Japanese food often sell at prices that are more than three times the price in Japan, so this business supermarket seems to be relatively affordable.

For reference, this is some information about the price in Japan and Malaysia.
・Edible chili oil  : Japan 119 yen, Malaysia RM 11.7 (350-370 yen)
・S&B fresh wasabi : Japan 78 yen, Malaysia RM11.7 (160-170 yen)
・Tomato ketchup 500g : Japan 118 yen. Malaysia RM7.4 (230-240 yen)

About Gyomu Super Malaysia

Opening Hour:9:00~ 20:00
Address:G-05A J Value Mall, Pinnacle PJ, Jalan Utara C, Petaling Jaya

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