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Vegan Restaurant With The Concept of “Earth Friendly Food”

KooJoo Co., Ltd., a company based in Roppongi, Tokyo opens a plant-based healthy-bowl specialty restaurant called “Down to Plant Roppongi” on August 18th, 2022 (Thurs).

The restaurant offers three categories of foods:

・”Vegan” made only with plant-based ingredients.
・”Pescatarian” with seafood added.
・”Omnivore” with animal protein.

Image from Press Release.

What We Can Expect From “Down to Plant”

1. Delicious foods for everyone
▪Vegans and non-vegans can enjoy food at the same table.
2. Handmade
▪The restaurant made itself foods from scratch, except for vegan-friendly ingredients that cannot be replaced.
3. Cooking according to customer’s taste
▪Flexibly respond to changes in ingredients and dressings that customers are not good at.
4. Smile and liveliness
▪Serve customers with the best smile and make a lively atmosphere.
5. Safe and secure
▪Maintain a clean, safe environment and the quality of food so that customers can enjoy delicious food with peace of mind.


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About Down to Plant Roppongi

Opening Hour:(Workday)10:00~21:00/(Weekend and holiday)10:00~20:00
Close: Irregular
Address: Trusty Roppongi Bldg 1F・B1F, 7-3-13 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access:3 mins walk from Nogizaka st. (Chiyoda Line)  exit no. 3


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