MAHA Expo 2022; Collaboration Between Tokyo Organic and MAFI

MAHA stands for Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism and is the leading agricultural show of its kind in Malaysia and the region. First introduced in 1923, MAHA 2022 brings a theme of “Food Security for the Future”, which was held on 4 – 14 August 2022 at MAEPS Serdang, Malaysia (the next expo is planned in 2024).

MAHA 2022 event aims at promoting agriculture and agro-based industries. Among the many highlights, MAHA 2022 focuses on the ecosystem of agriculture which consists of input suppliers, farming companies, traders, processors, distributors logistics & consumers, other industry adjacent business, data devices & analytics, automation & machinery, and software & technologies that are interrelated among each other.

In addition, the event introduced the first “Hybrid” event concept where live and virtual platforms events are both combined.

Under collaboration with MAFI Malaysia (Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries), the made-in-Japan Tokyo Organic Skincare Lineup under Zaineeta Global had given an opportunity to showcase the products in this prestige event.

Muslim-Friendly and Natural-Based Skincare, Tokyo Organic

Tokyo Organic is a made-in-Japan product with some of the raw ingredients imported directly from Malaysia. This “hybrid nationality” feature makes it acts as a bridge between the Japan-Malaysia relationship.

Tokyo Organic’s Founder, Zunita Ramli with visitors

Tokyo Organic

Tokyo Organic is focusing on natural-based skincare but recently we also have a new range into the family – Tokyo Organic Bird’s Nest. With the concept of “Beauty Inside Out”, this bird’s nest drink focuses on inner beauty, while skincare focuses on outer beauty. Moreover, what makes this special, is this latest addition Tokyo Organic Bird’s Nest first launched during MAHA 2022 expo!

Birds’ Nest

During the expo, Tokyo Organic gained attractions from visitors and other exhibitors, leading to business opportunities to bring the products known internationally.

Tokyo Organic welcomes distributors in Japan, so if anyone is interested, feel free to contact directly to Tokyo Organic.

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