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Preschool Collaborates With Professional Chef Offering Allergy-Free Foods

Moku Preschool in Himeji City (Hyogo Prefecture) collaborate with the world’s #1 vegan restaurant Saido‘s Kusumoto chef offering a school lunch that is free from all food allergies on 13 January 2022 (Thursday). The event is called “One Table day” with the purpose to invites preschool children to have the same meals at the same table.

Preschool children enjoy “One Table Day”

The Story Behind “One Table Day”

Moku preschool is currently providing foods which allergen components have been removed to children with food allergies, with an understanding of the status of children’s allergies. Most children with food allergies are having allergies to animal-derived foods, mainly dairy products and eggs. The preschool pays close attention to this as food allergies are a life-threatening problem, in addition to facing the current situation of the difficulties to eat the same food next to each other in the same way as everyone else.

Moku preschool had been considering about how to create an environment where children with animal food allergies can eat the same food as everyone else. At that point, they heard that choosing a vegan diet would make it easier to deal with animal allergies and participated in a seminar held by Himeji City last year about “Various dietary rules around the world such as vegan and halal”.

Through the seminar, the preschool connected to Mr. Akihiro Shugo (the presentative of Food Diversity Co., Ltd, a consulting company officially recognized by Himeji city), Mr. Kusumoto (Saido’s chef), and Mr. Teruyuki Sugaya (from Global Co., Ltd that offers food ingredients). The meeting then led to the development of a lunch menu for the preschool.

In the future, Moku preschool plans to offer vegan lunch once a month as a One Table Day event. A nutritionist will carry out nutritional calculations to prevent nutritional bias.

*The purpose of this activity is to allow the children to gather at the same table and eat the same meals, not aimed at introducing vegan foods or promoting vegan-related activities.

(Moku Preschool’s Representative, Uetsuki Kaoru)

The correlation between allergy and vegan

Menu Offered in “One Table Day”

The menu offered in One Table Day at Moku Preschool

Soboro rice (left)
・Coleslaw salad (with boiled egg-like)
・Miso soup

There are two important points needed to be able to offer One Table Day.

First; “Boiled eggs” for everyone, including children with egg allergies.

In the event, vegetable-made boiled eggs created by Saido are offered, which needs high professional skills to create vegetable boiled eggs with taste, texture, and appearance just the same as normal boiled eggs.

Preschool child enjoys vegetable boiled eggs

Second; “Pudding” for everyone, including children with egg and dairy allergies.

Pudding, the children’s favorites, normally use eggs and milk. This time, Saido-produced vegan pudding which comes with appearance, texture, and taste just like the normal pudding is offered, so that all children can have it at ease.

Vegan pudding-making at Moku Preschool

Reviews of One Table Day

Uetsuki san (Moku Preschool’s Representative)

“It was a great day for all the children to eat the same food at the same table. It was impressive to see a child with dairy allergy get some pudding more”.

Takamatsu san (School Principal)

“Even children who don’t like vegetables, eat them all without knowing that they are vegetables, so it seems to be a good day to actively eat vegetables”.

Ibaraki san (Nutritionist)

“I was surprised that calories and protein are good enough even without using animal-derived foods. Above all, I am very happy that all the children, including those with allergies, could enjoy the same meal.”

Inoue san (Teacher)

“The vegetable boiled egg is rare and attracts children’s interest to taste it first. Seems like they enjoy the meals”.

Yamazaki san (Public Relations)

“Most of the children have never eaten vegan food. I hope that this kind of food will lead to food education for children.”

Kusumoto Chef (Saido)

“I have an interest in the idea that all the children gather to enjoy meals at the same table. I tried my best to cook this time, on top of that, I got a meaningful time that became the top of my cooking life. Above all, I am extremely happy to see the children smile”.

Children With Allergies at Moku Preschool Preschool(Reference)

Egg: 5 people
Dairy product : 3 people
Peanuts: 2 people
Raw tomato, kiwi: 1 people
Watermelon: 1 people
Apple: 1 people
Shellfish: 1 people

Cooking staff with Kusumoto chef

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