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Enjoying iftar in a halal restaurant in Japan gives us, Muslim residents, a vibe of Ramadhan. Some halal restaurants in Japan are serving iftar meal sets that will make your day!

*Please obey the Covid-19 prevention measurements in each restaurant by disinfecting your hand before entering, wearing a mask, preventing speaking without a mask during eating, and avoiding crowds. 

Soleil (Ginza, Tokyo)

Soleil, that the name comes from French that means “sun”, was opened on 10 Sept 2020 in Ginza with the concept of “food diversity” and “various cultures in one table” that allows people with a variety of cultures and background to enjoy the exciting eating experience in the same table. The restaurant serves all-halal meals and also offers vegan meals!

This Ramadhan, the restaurant which is managed by a Muslim owner, offers iftar meal in three voluminous courses; light course, standard course, and special course according to your liking.

We recommend making a reservation in advance so that you can have your meals right away when the iftar comes without the need to wait! The reservation can be made by phone at 03-6205-8873.

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Luxe Burgers (Tokyo)

Luxe Burgers has to be a hit by offering all 100% halal-lamb burgers since its opening at the beginning of 2020, as the first halal burger shop in Tokyo. Owned by a France-born chef, Luxe Burger offers not only voluminous burgers but also various sandwiches and side dishes including crispy fried chicken in French taste!

This Ramadhan, Luxe Burgers offers iftar meals for free! 

Moreover, you can have free fried foods for every meal you order!

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Japanese Restaurant MATSURI (Osaka)

Japanese Restaurant MATSURI in Osaka has been a popular halal restaurant that attracts many Muslim and vegetarian customers, which offers various Muslim and vegetarian-friendly meals for the past few years.

During the Ramadhan, MATSURI offers iftar set meals in a special curry set and terimayo bowl with a free halal daifuku!

*daifuku is a mochi stuffed with a sweet filling.

The iftar meals are also available for takeaway.

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Yamamotoya Ookute Branch (Nagoya)

Yamamotoya Ookute branch is one of the famous halal restaurants in Nagoya that serves halal miso-nikomi udon, the specialties of Nagoya! With a high request by Muslim customers, the Yamamotoya Ookute branch is now having various halal meals from chicken wings to tenmusu (rice ball with tempura filling). Besides, they also have vegetarian and vegan-friendly meals that make them way more popular among those with special dietary.

For the iftar set, Yamamotoya Ookute branch offers the popular tebasaki (chicken wing), miso katsu, isomaki, tenmusu, dried fruits, and selected drink!

Apart from dine-in, you can enjoy the iftar meal set delivered to your home by Uber Eats, Food Panda, and Demae-kan as well as a takeaway!

*For delivery, since it will be a shipping fee applied, the meal’s price is settled the same with dine-in and takeaway but without dry fruits and juice.

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Yakiniku Zerohachi (Osaka)

Yakiniku Zerohachi is one of the famous yakiniku restaurants in Osaka which attracts Muslim residents and travelers who want to enjoy halal yakiniku, one of the popular Japanese foods.  This Ramadhan, the restaurant also serves two iftar meals you should check!

Yakiniku meat loin and Calvi, 3 kinds of fried foods, salad, rice, with one drink and dates, available in a price of 1,200 yen (including tax).

Curry with 6 kinds of spices you can choose, kushikatsu (skewers) 3 pcs, and one drink (with dates!), available at a price of 1,200 yen (including tax).

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