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List of Restaurant that offer the finest Wagyu in Japan “Ozaki beef”

What is Halal Ozaki beef?

Ozaki beef comes from Miyazaki Prefecture, a high branded wagyu where no Japanese don’t know about it. Ozaki beef had been served in first class of ANA for Paris to Haneda flight on March 2015 in western style menu, made it gain high responses and overwhelmed world-class celebrities.
Ozaki beef refers to beef from Wagyu cattle raised on a single farm that’s owned and managed by Mr. Muneharu Ozaki in Miyazaki Prefecture. He is the only cattleman in Japan to use his own name to market his beef.


Restaurant Article Reservation Contact
Gonpachi Asakusa Azumabahi Here Necessary 03-5830-3791
Gonpachi G-Zone Ginza Here Necessary 03-5524-3641
Gonpachi Shibuya Here Necessary 03-5784-2011
Shibuya SUSHI Gonpachi Here Necessary 03-5784-3720
Gonpachi Nishiazabu Here Necessary 03-5771-0170
Wagyu Otoko Cowboy Here Necessary 03-6809-0056
Origami Here Necessary 03-5811-1755


Restaurant Article Reservation Contact
Yokohama Heichinrou Here Necessary 045-681-3001


Restaurant Article Reservation Contact
Honke Tankuma Honten Here Necessary 075-351-1645


Restaurant Article Reservation Contact
Chikuzen Necessary 079-223-0331


Restaurant Article Reservation Contact
Zicon Here Necessary WEB