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Gonpachi Ginza, the Japanese restaurant has started serving Halal Ozaki Beef Steak and Halal Wagyu Beef Steak in their menu.

A dim light with a wooden dining table, and even a large vase in the middle of the restaurant that glow with sophistication surely going to boost your excitement while enjoying the Wagyu beef steak.

Halal Ozaki Beef Steak Course Menu

Price: ¥19,800

The course menu served at Gonpachi G-Zone Ginza is as follows.

Fried Oyster

The fried oyster is as it looked, crunchy and juicy. Surely adding up to your favorite food list. Dip it with halal Otafuku okonomiyaki sauce to enjoy the best taste ever.

Assorted Sashimi (2 kinds)

The slices tuna is served fresh raw. To those who haven’t try any of the raw sashimi, you’ll definitely going to start consuming this one as the fresh tuna is exquisitely divine.

For the sauce, they’re using the Halal soy sauce from Kikkoman to dip with sashimi while okonomiyaki sauce from Otafuku for the fried oyster.

Fried Shrimp Dumpling

This may be something new to the customer, since the fried shrimp look like a homespun masterpiece. It is served with Yuzu Chili sauce, that make a good combination with crunchy shrimp dumpling.

Ozaki Beef Steak

The main dish of the day, the Ozaki Beef steak. With a single look at the red texture of the medium rare steak, going to boost one heart out of excitement. As the wild silky and delicate texture Ozaki beef steak enter your mouth, with a little wasabi is spicy enough to wake anyone up. The meat melt softly before you know it, a melting sensation of the best meat ever you will never forget.

Beef Rice Porridge

The tender porridge with a large cut of beef as the topping with subtle flavor of dashi and sweetness from the rice, so satisfying that is great enough to fill your stomach for the rest of the day.


Having an ice cream right after finishing the main dishes is always the best idea. After enjoying all the meals, you will be served a vanilla ice cream topped with brown sugar syrup and kinako powder.

Halal Wagyu Beef Steak Course Menu

Price: ¥8,800

This menu is similar to the Ozaki Beef Steak Course where you can enjoy all the items included in in Halal Ozaki Beef Steak Course, except, this menu is using common wagyu meat while Ozaki beef menu is using branded wagyu Ozaki.

Unquestionably, the taste of the Ozaki Beef is over the top of the mountain, but still this wagyu beef is categorically finger licking which you can enjoy at a lower price course.

Despite the choices you make, you are able to enjoy the warm and cozy interior of this restaurant. Do come and enjoy your course menu.

About Gonpachi G-Zone Ginza

Address 1-2-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Phone Number 03-5524-3641
Business hour 11:30-25:00
Regular holiday Always open