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Japan Takes a Step Back in the Muslim-Friendly Ranking and Ranks in #7 (Non-Islamic countries)!

Global Muslim Travel Index 2021 has been released for the first time in two years. Japan ranked #7 in the Muslim-friendly rankings of non-Islamic countries this year, following Singapore in the first place, Taiwan and the UK in second place, Thailand in fourth place, Hongkong in fifth place, South Africa in sixth place.

Global Muslim Travel Index 2021 Full Report

Muslim visitors to Japan, which are thought to have exceeded 1 million in 2018, are expected to return after the pandemic, particularly Muslim travelers from the Middle East and Europe that returning to normal life that is expected come from the middle class and above. They show a strong interest in traveling to Japan, where the eastern part showed relatively low interest in travel even after the pandemic.  and it is expected that visitors from the middle class and above will come to Japan.

Furthermore, expectations are high for Japan’s big events, such as the Osaka Expo 2025 and the Aichi Nagoya Asian Games in 2026.

Japan, which was 23rd in 2013, steadily increased its ranking every year. It ranks 17th in 2014, 11th in 2015, 8th in 2016, 6th in 2017, 4th in 2018, and 3rd in 2019.

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Global Muslim Travel Index 2021

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