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Shoyu (soy sauce) is one of the most important seasonings in Japanese food. You can find it almost served anywhere.

Shoyu is made from fermented soybean, wheat, salt, and water which has a smooth black texture and is considered as a seasoning rich in umami. It is good for all-purpose cooking as well as a table sauce, that’s why you might often see Japanese eat something by putting shoyu on it.

Following our previous article covering amazake and mirin, today we introduce information about Japanese shoyu.

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Alcohol Content in Shoyu

Unfortunately, most shoyu contains alcohol that comes naturally from the fermentation process that gives a nice fluffy odor and prevents mold. On top of that, there are cases where alcohol is added to the shoyu if the natural alcohol content from the fermentation process does not enough to prevent mold.

The alcohol content in shoyu is 2-4% and is said to be evaporated by heat in the cooking process. However, Muslims, as well as Japanese kids, need to be careful in choosing shoyu.

Halal Shoyu

Alhamdulillah, it becomes pretty easier for us to find halal shoyu nowadays in Japan.

Kikkoman Halal Shoyu

Kikkoman, one of the largest seasoning companies in Japan produced halal shoyu which is extremely popular among Japanese (both customers and businesses) and Muslim residents. Kikkoman halal shoyu (halal soy sauce) are produced by a unique manufacturing process to suppress alcohol production during the fermentation process and obtained halal certification.

Where to Purchase

Halal shoyu Kikkoman is available on Amazon and some local supermarkets.


Kikkoman Halal Soy Sauce


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Fukumurasaki Halal Shoyu

Besides Kikkoman, there are some other halal shoyu such as called “Fukumurasaki”, a shoyu made from fish with a mild and delicious taste without any fish odor. If the common fish sauce has a high content of salinity, but “Fukumurasaki” is salt-free and alcohol-free, in addition to halal-certified it is obtained. Its compact size is not only perfect for home cooking but also for carrying around.

Where to Purchase

Halal Fukumurasaki is available on Amazon at 500 ml bottle, 100 ml bottle, 125 ml glass bottle, 1 L size.

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Marujyu Halal Soy Sauce (150 ml)

Purchase from Amazon.

Yamasa Halal Shoyu (1800 ml large size)

Purchase from Amazon.

Fundokin Halal Shoyu (1500 ml)

Purchase from Amazon.


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