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Soy Sauce With Top Market Share in Japan Obtained Halal Certification

Updated: Sept 2021


Soy sauce or shoyu is one of the most important seasonings in Japanese foods. It is extremely important as you can find all Japanese homes definitely have at least a bottle of it in their refrigerator!

Kikkoman, one of the most popular soy sauce brands in Japan, launched halal-certified soy sauce in 21 August 2017 after doing experiments of trial and error for over 4 years.

Kikkoman headquarter

Following to the product launch, Kikkoman received a large number of sample inquiries from hotels, airports, restaurants and will move to the negotiation stage.

The company launches the halal soy sauce with the hope to everyone who comes to Japan can enjoy Japanese food culture at ease. The product is planned to be distributed to restaurants and hotels in Japan!

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The Kikkoman Halal Soy Sauce’s Features

Halal and Gluten-Free

“Kikkoman Halal Soy Sauce” is a complete gluten-free soy sauce as it does not use any wheat in its ingredients.
Besides Muslims, this soy sauce is also suitable for those who have restrictions on the intake of wheat and are health-oriented.

User-Friendly Size

Most of the existing halal soy sauce products are available in super big sizes. On the other hand, Kikkoman Halal Soy Sauce is available in a relatively small volume of 1 L, so it is way easier to use without exceeding the expiry date.

Acquired Halal Certification That is Recognized by a Number of Countries

The product acquired Halal certification from the Dutch certification body “HFFIA”, which has mutual recognition with certification bodies of various countries including Malaysia’s JAKIM and Indonesia’s MUI.

Using Unique and Original Technology to Bring Out the Authentic Taste of Soy Sauce

Kikkoman uses special technology to produce halal soy sauce so that it has similar color, taste, and fragrance to the regular one. The soy sauce is great as a dip and also for cooking (stir-fry or simmered food)!

If you are a Japanese food freak, this halal soy sauce is a must-have item in your refrigerator!

Where to Purchase

You can get the halal soy sauce from :

1.Amazon Japan

2. Your nearest supermarket as they might sell the product.

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