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Convenient Application to Meets Your Expectation!

Currently, the service is being stopped due to the pandemic. Please check the link below for details

「There is no halal mark…」
「I don’t know what is inside as ingredients written all in Japanese…」

Those who just started living in Japan or visit Japan for a trip are struggling to find Muslim friendly products. Even trying to look for the ingredient meaning through a dictionary or asking friends, there are many Muslims who spend much time looking for Muslim-friendly products while shopping.

Then, to solve the struggle, we developed a breakthrough application!

Just Taking Pictures With Camera!

This application works by just analyzing pictures of displayed products taken by a camera at convenience or supermarket then you will know which one is Muslim friendly product just in a glance.

This function installed as a new feature on “Halal Gourmet Japan”, halal restaurant search site we are familiar with, collaborating with the food determination system developed by NTT Docomo Inc.

Beta version of the application will officially launch on Sept 26, 2018.

Let’s Try It!

We tried to download and use the application.
The usage is very simple, just open Halal Gourmet Japan application then take a picture, that’s it!

When we tried to take pictures of ice cream corner at the convenience store…

Muslim friendly products displayed in a pink frames, so convenient as you can know it in a glance.

If you touch the pink frame, you can check detailed information about the product like below.
(White frame shows non-muslim friendly product)

So How The Application Judge?

Definition of “Muslim friendly” might be different from each other but this application is doing judge of Muslim friendliness based on below standard.

Doesn’t it look suspicious to stand too long inside a store?

If you get an experience being warned by store staff, please use this guideline page.

This application will be improved and brushed up!

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, this application still available in the beta version and still has limited place and product that can be detected through this application.

We will actively add more product information.
We will really appreciate your cooperation to fill this questionnaire as we love to know your suggestion to make this service way better.

A review site for Muslims, we open Facebook group「Finding Muslim friendly food」.
We will very glad if you would like to upload a Muslim friendly product at a convenience store or supermarket you usually buy.

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