Written by: Zhafira Aqyla

One of our articles from last month discussed your opportunity to work as a translator in your local schools or city hall as a foreigner in Japan. This time we will discuss another job opportunity that can easily be found if you are an English speaker foreign national, which is teaching English!

Teaching English to Japanese students is the most common part-time job for international students. Since almost all international students are certified English speakers, many afterschool courses like to hire international students to teach children ranging from kindergarten to high school students who are preparing for University entrance exams.
There are two types of English-teaching jobs that you can explore. The first is in afterschool language school, where the students attend after school hours until late into the evening. Since students only attend after they come back from school, the schedule should work nicely if you are a university student who needs to attend classes in the morning until the afternoon. You will receive a salary of around 1,500 yen per hour or more.

Another option is to teach private lessons. This means you get to have a more flexible teaching hour around your other responsibilities. This also means you will be visiting students’ houses to hold the lessons and you will be required to design your own curriculum. The good part is since you are handling everything all by yourself, you will be paid around 2,500 yen or more per hour.

Finding information about English teaching jobs is easier than you think, although it does take a little effort to manage your networks to get an offer. If you are a student, you can easily ask your college’s office or seniors who work as teachers themselves or know someone who is. You can also reach out to your country’s community and find opportunities that way.
This number of available English teaching job exist more than you think, so get digging and we hope this can serve as a good tip.