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The Charm of Hida-Furukawa

Many of you probably know about the world-wide known Japanese anime movie ‘Your Name’.  The movie shows the abundant nature, the tranquil atmosphere, and the emotional cityscape as the setting place which makes a lot of the `Your Name` lovers might have thought  “I want to go visit this place”.

The place that became one of the models of this big hit movie is Hida-Furukawa in Hida City, Gifu Prefecture. Hida-Furukawa is known as Takayama’s Okuzashiki, the old town street that still remains in Hida City. Surrounded by mountains, Hida-Furukawa is a tourist destination where you can enjoy not only the rich nature and cityscape but also delicious gourmet and famous souvenirs.

Departure from Nagoya!

JR Tokyu Wideview Hida

From Nagoya, take the JR Limited Express Wide View Hida then change the train to JR Takayama Main Line at Takayama Station to get to Hida City. It takes a 2 hours 40 minutes ride by train which lets you enjoy the transition from the busy Nagoya City to the rich nature of Hida-Furukawa (the Hida-Furukawa station sits at an altitude of about 500 meters!)

Source: Hida City Official Website

Hida City Official Website:

Moreover, there is a prayer space available at Hida-Furukawa station! We recommend doing the pray here before going back home. 

What to See at Hida-Furukawa Station

This is one of the impressive scenes of ‘Your Name’. When you actually look at this landscape, you feel like you are in the world of anime. When visiting this station, we recommend taking a photo of the train! The train stops every hour from 09:00 to 18:30. The train stops slowly, so you can take a photo of the train without missing any moment!

Taxi stop in front of the station

Get A Map at Hida City Tourist Information Centre Before Strolling Around The City

There is English-speaking staff!

At the Hida City Tourist Information Centre that sits at about 7 minutes walk from Hida-Furukawa Station, you can get a travel guide map introducing vegan and Muslim-friendly restaurants as well as prayer spaces in the area. There are also English-speaking staff.


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Prayer space at Hida-Furukawa Tourist Information Centre

Satisfy Your Appetite with Fukuzenji Soba

Fukuzenji Soba offers authentic handmade yet Muslim-friendly soba noodles using buckwheat flour from Hida-Nagareha.

Curry Soba ¥1,500 (+tax)

Besides,  there is a prayer space for Muslims available in the restaurant. After done with Wudu, please sed the used water into the washbasin next to it.

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Halal restaurant Fukuzenji Soba in Hida-Furukawa

Take a Walk Through Seto River and Shirakabe Dozogai

The next spots that cannot be missed when visit Hida-Furukawa are Seto River and Shirakabe Dozogai where about 1000 Nishikigoi (Japanese koi fish) are swimming gracefully from April to November and gained from famous all over the world. Now it becomes a symbol of  Hida-Furukawa’s cityscape.

Let’s find an angle where the river is reflected beautifully!

Nishikigoi swim in the river


The lights are lit along this river at night, you can enjoy the very tasteful and quiet Seto River!

About Seto River and Shirakabe Dozogai

Experience The Braid at Hida-Furukawa Sakura Bussankan!

The scene when Mitsuha, a girl who appears in ‘Your Name’, making braid uses a round stand was impressive and it became a boom in Japan as the film was aired in cinemas. Here in Hida-Furukawa Sakura Bussankan, you can actually experience braid making.

Hida Furukawa Sakura Bussankan

Experience making the braid

Under the guidance of a teacher, you can make any kind of souvenirs from the braid such as a bracelet or strap. The braid looks difficult at the first glance, but once you get used to it, it will be easier and no need a long time to make it.

Bracelet for souvenirs

It takes 1,500 yen for 30 minutes of braid-making experience. Prayer space also available here, so please ask the staff if you are willing to use it.

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Prayer Space at Hida-Furukawa Sakura Bussankan

Shinshuji Temple and Imamiya Bridge

After you leave Hida-Furukawa Sakura Bussankan, you will see Shinshuji and Imamiya Bridge soon. You can take beautiful photos here, especially when the light-up of night sakura during spring.

Imamiya Bridge


Busuitei has been providing visitors with Hida’s food culture and hospitality as a guesthouse since 1897.  The dishes made from Hida’s exquisite local ingredients with a variety of tasteful vegetables that you can’t find in another place.

Meals use local ingredients

The Busuitei has simple yet elegant guest rooms with a splendid interior design that gives your warmth. There are only 3 rooms there and available hot springs you can use privately.

Guest room

Hot spring/onsen

Walk Leisurely at Keta Wakayama Shrine

Keta Wakayama Shrine is also known as a model place in ‘Your Name’ and became a spot for taking pictures.

Enjoy Lunch at Italian Food Taspa de Shangri-la

In Taspa de Shangri-la, you can enjoy a Muslim-friendly menu with pasta as the main dish. They are serving high-quality dishes are made from fresh vegetables and fishes of Hida.

Tomato sauce pasta ¥1,380 (+tax)

Take a Break at FabCafe Hida

FabCafe Hida is an old folk house with a history of more than 100 years, that is renovated into an inn with a cafe. It’s equipped with a 3D printer and more, opened in 2016 as a space to promote the tradition of Hida. So why don’t you take a cup of coffee in this cozy place?

More about Fabcafe Hida

Miso Senbei and Ichigo Daifuku (Strawberry Daifuku) as Souvenirs!

Inohiro Confectionery which stands there since 1908, is selling the traditional miso senbei which is traditionally one by one and has gentle fragrant, recommended souvenirs of Hida City!

In addition, there is a sweet shop called ‘Tanoshita Sweet Shop’, which is well-known for its Ichigo daifuku, with a large strawberry wrapped in a chewy dough, which is a popular local product. Please note that Ichigo daifuku only selling for a limited short period from December to March.

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