These days with the pandemic, we are unable to move freely as we used to. It brings an extreme impact to businesses, without any other choice, to close both temporarily and permanently, especially in tourism.

Although Japan’s entry ban is still in place for some countries, the campaign encourages us, who are residing, to explore what the country has to offer.

”Go To Travel” Campaign

The “Go To Travel” Campaign is one of four “Go To Campaign” promoted by the Japanese Government to help boost local businesses and to promote domestic travel. The “Go To Campaign” consists of “Go To Travel”, “Go To Eat”, “Go To Shotengai (shopping arcade)”, and “Go To Event”. The campaign subsidies of up to 50% on your travel expenses including accommodation and transport fees, that applies to a domestic overnight trip, day trip, and accommodation only.

The campaign is planned to be valid until January 31st, 2121.

In the first place, Tokyo residents and those traveling to and from Tokyo are not eligible to receive the discount because of the increase in the number of infections Q the city. However, Tokyo will be added to the campaign starting from Oct 1st.

Furthermore, limited to Tokyo residents who travel inside the city, the Tokyo government provides a special campaign that offers up to 5,000 yen discounts for an overnight trip and 2,500 yen for a day trips that can be used together with the Go To Travel campaign.

Save up to 50% on Domestic Travel

The breakdown of the discount is; 35% discount on the total cost provided by the Japanese government, and the remaining 15% comes in discount coupons that can be used at the travel destinations for shopping, foods, and activities.

*with limit of 20,000 yen/person per night and 10,000 yen per person per day trip.

“Common Coupons”; Discount Coupons You Can Use at the Travel Destinations and Nearby Prefectures

According to the Japan Tourism Agency, Go To Travel tourism promotion campaign’s coupon program worth 15% will begin on Oct. 1 onwards available to domestic travelers, valid to use at participating restaurants, souvenir shops, etc at the travel destinations and nearby prefectures between the travel period (details explanation below). The Go To Travel coupons will be available on paper and digital with denominations of 1,000 yen.

Go To Travel Common Coupon. Image credit to Travel With

Paper coupons can be received at the travel agencies where you book a trip and at hotels on check-in. Digital coupons will be available when booking a trip on online reservation websites. The maximum grant is 6,000 yen per person per night and 3,000 yen for a day trip. The coupon will be valid only during the trip.

Besides at travel destinations, the coupons can be used at tourist spots and other facilities in nearby prefectures at the participating (designated) stores, eateries, and venues. For example, if you travel to Osaka and get the common coupon, you can use it in Osaka and as well as at the nearby prefectures such as Kyoto.

Furthermore, restaurants that will accept the Go To Travel coupons will be the same as those participating in the Go To Eat campaign, which means the two campaigns will cover the same period and areas regarding eateries.


Japan’s “Go To Eat” Campaign ; Enjoy Meals with 25% Off!

Some areas in Japan are already issuing area’s travel coupons in mid-September at the earliest in units 1,000 yen that can be used during the travel period at designated local restaurants, stores, etc limited in the area only. The coupons can be received in the hotel you are staying in on check-in.

*The coupon cannot be exchanged for cash.

*There will be no change on payment with the coupon

Discount coupon for Asahikawa city, Hokkaido

Stores/shops, venues, etc that are participating in the campaign will have a sticker/poster as follows.

How to Get the Discount

You will need to book a trip to travel agencies participating in the campaign (most major travel agencies in Japan are included in the promotion) or to reservation websites.

Even most reservation websites in Japanese (such as Rakuten Travel ), you can use for reservation in English

You can choose accommodation options etc that are marked “participating in Go To Travel” as shown on the upper right on Rakuten Travel or upper left on The discounted price will appear below the original price as marked in the red box as on the image. Please note that there are some facilities that are not participating.

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Picked from Rakuten Travel homepage