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First-Class Course Meals from The World’s Recognized Best Vegan Restaurant

Tokyo, besides known as the most populous city in Japan, is also known as one of the cities in the world to have the most Michelin-starred restaurants. Thus the significant increased of vegetarian and vegan restaurant that attracts the world’s eyes these days. Proudly, the world’s #1 recognized vegan restaurant, “Saido“, sits in Tokyo, in a fashionable area in the city, Jiyugaoka.

In addition to vegan and halal, the restaurant serves foods and seasonings that meet the oriental vegan (mostly from Taiwan) that is arranged professionally, that we don’t even notice, and with nice satisfactory, ranging from foods we mostly find in Japan such as ramen, katsudon (deep-fried cutlet bowl), unaju (eel over rice), and more.

A Selected Vegan Restaurant for Business Dinner

There might be a chance for us to have a business dinner or maybe give nice hospitality to our beloved one in various options of restaurants, but it is a mere option when it comes to vegan and others which are, still, not that familiar in the Japanese society.

Of course, it is possible to request for vegan meals in a restaurant, but we might have a concern in whether both consumer and restaurant have the same understanding and appropriate knowledge or maybe the restaurant’s person in charge can’t convey it well to the chef (unfortunately this is one of a case we often found/heard). But no need to worry if you come to Saido!

3 Reasons Why Saido is a Must Visit!

① More than half of its consumers are neither vegetarian nor vegan

While being known as “the best vegan restaurant in the world”, Saido is also known as “a super delicious Japanese restaurant”. The basic stance of Saido is not to compete in vegans, but to compete purely in taste and to arrange vegetarians vegans foods as well, that allows everyone in any background can enjoy eating experience at the same table.

② Rich experience of Chef Kusumoto that impressed dignitaries from around the world

Saido’s chef, Mr. Kusumoto ran a membership-only high-class restaurant for 10 years and served a number of dignitaries from around the world that visited Japan.

While there are options for light meals for vegetarians and vegans such as cafe, first-class chef Mr. Kusumoto works as a full-fledged restaurant.

③ Completely re-produce Japanese daily meals to vegan

For example, yakisoba sauce usually has plenty of onion ingredients on it which can’t be consumed by those with “gokun” (oriental vegetarian that can’t consume 5 pungent roots such as green onion, garlic, etc), but Saido offers the same taste of yakisoba without using such ingredients, that is reviewed “delicious” by common customers (means they even didn’t notice!). This re-produce skill is the characteristic of Saido.

Following those three reasons why Saido is a must-visit, in this article we will introduce the finest course from Saido costs only 10,000 yen. For your information, they might offer a 30,000 yen course this year-end.

※ Course in this article is an autumn course. The details of the course might vary daily.

Menu to Expect at Saido

Fig chutney with Japanese cypress scent

Murakami Farm’s herbs in honey truffles and inka no mezame (chestnut like flavors)  in the smoked scent

Grated gourd and dried enoki mushrooms

Vegetarian eel sushi

Yuba sashimi

Portabella, matsutake mushrooms, and autumn flavor special balsamic and shiitake mushroom sauce

Vegetarian fried oyster

Chilled bowl of seasonal vegetables

Pumpkin and omni meat gratin

Truffle noodles

Chocolate brownie  and lemon sherbet

The meals are cooked and prepared by empowering the original flavor of Japanese vegetables, processed carefully, and delicately that produce an excellent taste that will make you lose words. There are multiple surprises hidden in each dish, we will not spoil it here so please do come, enjoy the surprise while having a nice dining experience.

The course meals are all superb and overwhelming, the value 10,000 yen is more than enough. Also, even non-vegetarian vegans will surely be satisfied with the taste, beautiful appearance, and the texture in eating.  At the same time, you will be surprised at how Japanese vegetables from Michi no Eki (roadside rest areas) could be arranged into a high-class meals.

Enjoy a memorable eating experience at Saido with your beloved one!

Restaurant Saido
Address 2-15-10 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 〒152-0035
TEL 03-5726-9500
Opening Hour 12:00〜20:00(L.O. 19:30)※In shortened opening hour to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection
Closed on Wednesday