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A Japanese Restaurant Came Out as No. 1 in Vegan World!

Happy Cow, is an internationally known site for vegetarian and vegan with 114,631 restaurants (on Nov 11) registered on the site. This time, the Happy Cow announced “Saido“, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, as no. 1 on the『Best Vegan Restaurants Worldwide』on Nov 11! It brings a great and important step for Japan for the upcoming Tokyo Olympic 2020.

Quote source:Happy Cow

Quote source:Happy Cow

Saido is a restaurant serves a Japanese B-level gourmets such as ramen, curry, katsudon (rice bowl topped with cutlet), unaju (eel rice box) that meets the「vegan & ※five pungent roots free & chemical seasonings free & alcohol free」. The restaurant has a splendid taste on each dish they offer, makes it extremely popular among vegan as well as non-vegan. Sometimes it would be very challenging to come to the restaurant without reservation as you might miss a seat.

※ Five pungent roots = green onions, garlic, leeks, scallion, chives (mostly avoided by Taiwanese vegetarian)

For those who are thinking to start a vegan meals or those who are looking for a reference for the taste both vegan and non-vegan may love to have, or those who love to try the internationally-recognized delicious meals, so you need to visit and enjoy the meals at Saido!

Furthermore, the chef of Saido, Mr. Kusumoto, will have a live cooking at the Multicultural Expo 2019 on Nov 13 and 14