The Importance of Manners in Japan and The Increase of Needs on Halal Foods in Convenience Store

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The largest food diversity exhibition in Japan “MULTICULTURAL EXPO 2019”


Author: Aya

Japanese is internationally known with their very well-mannered, which is performed in their daily life. That is why it is really important especially for foreign tourists to understand do’s and don’ts  in Japan, preferably before their visit to Japan.
Recently, the manner problem has been a hot topic in Japan after the disrespect of traditional Gion and towards Maiko in Kyoto, that forced the local government to made caution signs in some spots and manners pamphlet.



Author: Yokohama

This article will be the most popular piece of content of this month. Convenience store became even more convenient in Japan. They definitely are the go-to place to get food at any time of the day for Muslims as well as Non-Muslims. However, they did not offer Halal certified meals for a long time due to a lack of the needed supply chain and various other reasons. Now however, Seven-Eleven, who is the largest convenience store chain in Japan started to offer Halal certifies meals at selected stores



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Halal Expo Japan, which is the largest Halal exhibition in Japan since 2014 has been changed its name and updated its concept to Multicultural Expo 2019 to cover a wider range of food dietaries and international exchanges. The 5th edition of the event will be held on the 13th and 14th of November in Tokyo, just 8 months before the Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics games 2020.

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