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Halal Bento at More Stores of Seven-Eleven!

Halal bento was first started to be in store since June 2019 at the Seven Eleven Asakusa Kaminarimon-mae store and Seven Eleven Minami Otsuka 3-chome store (close to the Otsuka mosque).

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Breaking News! Halal Bento Comes to The Seven-Eleven Convenience Store in Asakusa!

With the high demand in halal bento, Seven-Eleven starts to widen the selling of halal bento to 7 more stores in Tokyo with additional vegetarian-friendly bento!

Seven Eleven Halal Bento Details

Store List

Asakusa Kaminarimon-mae store

Minami Otsuka 3-chome store 

Akihabara eki-kita store

Edogawa nishi kasai 4-chome store

Edogawa nishi kasai 7-chome store

Edogawa seishin plaza store

Edogawa naka kasai 3-chome store

Edogawa naka kasai 3-chome nishi store

Nishi kasai 3-chome store

Vegetable penne, a vegetarian friendly and halal certified bento


689 yen (including tax)

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