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The Next Destination, Chita Peninsula in Aichi Prefecture

Aichi Prefecture is located at the southwest of Tokyo that can be easily reached by 1 hour 30 min ride by Shinkansen from the center of Tokyo.

Recently, Muslims are often being seen in Aichi Prefecture, especially with the direct flight of Garuda Indonesia board to Jakarta-Nagoya started from March 2019.

Nagoya as the capital, has a strong image when talking about Aichi Prefecture. However this time, we would like to invite you to a deeper place to let you have a deeper experiences at the Chita Peninsula.

The Chita Peninsula

Map of Aichi Prefecture and the location of Chita Peninsula

Chita Peninsula is at the southern Nagoya where Chubu International Airport is located (at Tokoname city in the Chita Peninsula), so it is quite easy to make a tour plan and explore the secret places nearby.

The Muslim Friendly Onsen Ryokan, “Genji-Koh”

In that Chita Peninsula, there is a Muslim friendly onsen ryokan called “Genji-Koh”.

※ Onsen = hot spring

※ Ryokan = traditional Japanese hotel

The Genji-koh is located at the southernmost tip of Chita Peninsula which started to serves Muslim friendly services.

Enjoy the Huge Ovean View with a Private Open-Air Bath!

Genji-koh has rooms that comes with a private open-air bath, so Muslims can enjoy the bath at ease.
The best timing to enjoy the open-air bath we would like to recommend is during sunset and sunrise, where a beautiful scenery of sunlight reflected at the Ise Bay. What a beautiful memories!

Have the Prime Iga Beef in Luxury, a Muslim Friendly Menu Course at the Genji-koh

In the Muslim friendly course, you can enjoy the prime Iga beef  served in sushi, roast beef salada, teppanyaki, etc that will give a you a good satisfactory in enjoying Japanese beef.
*Using the halal-slaughtered Iga beef.

Using halal certified meat

Genji-koh’s policy

Apart of the beef, you also can enjoy the premium Japanese lobster (Ise ebi) that, we believe, will let you extremely overwhelmed!

Can’t Wait for (also) the Luxury Breakfast!

Roast beef bowl, fried egg, steamed vegetables, etc. A luxury yet voluminous breakfast is lining up!

The First in Japan! An Onsen Ryokan Themed “Fragrance”

In the Genji-koh, you are allowed to enjoy the ancient Japanese fragrance.
When  you are guided into the room, you can choose fragrance you like. Get your body and soul relax!

Don’t Miss the Cultural Experiences!

Genji-koh is not only about onsen and foods, but also experience the ancient Japanese game such as tosenkyo (throwing a sensu (folded fan) to a target and knocking it down) or monkou (a play to recognize the scent).

For women, you can experience to wear a luxury  Japanese kimono!


The nearest station is Kowa station, 1 hour ride by train from Nagoya station or Chubu International Airport. Then  you can take a free shuttle bus to Genji-koh.


Please make a reservation here.

▼Genji-koh Official Website

Stop By at the Photogenic Spots Nearby

Heidi’s swing at the Himakajima

From Kowa station, take a bus to  Morozaki port, then ride on a ferry for 10 minutes to reach Himakajima where you can find the Heidi’s swing while enjoying the free view of blue ocean.

Take photos with Sunflowers and Canola Flowers at the Popular “Hana Hiroba”!

With a 10 min ride by taxi from Genji-koh, there is a large flower park called “Hana Hiroba”. In our visit on August (summer) during sunflowers season, there were a lot of visitors enjoying the view. During winter, you can enjoy the canola flowers.

When visiting the Aichi prefecture, why don’t you enjoy a relax stay at the Chita Peninsula?

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