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Lanzhou Ramen MAZULU Tokyo Station Branch Open Today!

Lanzhou Ramen MAZULU is a long-established halal yet authentic Chinese Lanzhou ramen shop which crowds by Muslims as well as Chinese residents, that opened its first shop at Jimbocho, Tokyo on August 22, 2017. The originality of the meal makes you need to line up in front of the shop even before it opens!

Then now, following the popularity of the MAZULU Jimbocho branch, they open the second branch at one of the busiest stations, Tokyo station on Oct 3rd start from 11:00 am!

The Globally Recognized, Lanzhou Ramen MAZULU

The restaurant obtains halal-certified restaurant by NAHA, as well as recognized as the “AAA” by Crescentrating (global authority on Halal/Muslim travel and tourism), you can expect the satisfaction you may get through their menu!

MAZULU is famous especially with its flavorful thick beef broth and handmade noodles. The flavorful soup comes from the Japanese halal-certified beef and beef bone that is boiled in some period of time with more than 10 medicinal spices that make the soup tastes rich and mouthwatering. The handmade noodle is made right after receiving the order to maintain and deliver the fresh chewy texture noodles to customers.

The Uniqueness of Lanzhou Ramen MAZULU Tokyo Branch

MAZULU Tokyo branch is decorated with a green wall, wood table seat, stylish lamp, and a mirror on the wall. The entrance is a curve that might remind you of the particular mosque’s entrance.

In the first place, MAZULU only had three kinds of noodles; thin noodle (hosomen), flat noodle (hiramen), and triangular noodle (sankakumen) , but in the new Tokyo branch, they have nine kinds!!

The nine kinds of noodle are extremely thin noodle (gokuhosomen), thin noodle (hosomen), medium thickness noodle (chuubutomen), thick noodle (futomen), thin and flat noodle (hiramen), wide and flat noodle (futome no hiramen), extremely thick noodle (gokubuto no hiramen), triangular noodle (sankakumen), thick and triangular noodle (futome no sankakumen).


It is at the GranTokyo South Tower B1, 3 min walk from Tokyo station (direct passage) Yaesu South exit.

What to Have

Choose your favorite noodle and the chef will make it for you right after. The ramen comes in beef slices boiled with medicinal spices, radish, and topped with handmade chili oil, fresh coriander, and garlic leaves which adds more flavor to the ramen. You can also arrange the ramen without coriander or chili oil if you like.

The most popular one is Lanzhou ramen with thin noodle and the recommended one is triangular noodles. We didn’t miss the opportunity to try their recommended triangular noodle!

The triangular noodle has a chewy texture and quite voluminous with only 950 yen! Its rich spicy soup has a nice punch. Cover the noodles well with the soup, the taste will let you overwhelmed! The flavorful taste of the soup spread through the beef slices and radish toppings.

If you happen to be at around Tokyo station, why don’t to stop by and enjoy the popular MAZULU’s ramen?

About MAZULU Tokyo Branch

GranTokyo South Tower B1, 1-9-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Open Hour
[Lunch]11:00〜16:00 (L.O. 15:30)[Dinner]17:00〜22:30(L.O. 22:00)
※Sun, Holiday until 21:30(L.O. 21:00)
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