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The Importance of Manner in Japan Which All Tourists Need to Know

Japanese is internationally known with their very well-mannered, which is performed in their daily life. That is why it is really important especially for foreign tourists to understand do’s and don’ts  in Japan, preferably before their visit to Japan.

A couple of times ago, we made videos introducing some manners you should pay attention to.

Manner in Japan Part 1

Manner in Japan Part 2

It will be very helpful for you to watch the video above. Below are some pick up.

・Preferably to make a reservation to a restaurant in advance (usually at least 1 day in advance), since there are some halal/muslim friendly restaurants that needs preparation before able to serve you the halal meal, especially if the restaurant is kind of a luxury one. Of course, there are some halal restaurants which you can walk-in. For more info about halal/muslim friendly restaurants and reservation needed, please visit Halal Gourmet Japan.

・Japanese is strict in time, so if you make a reservation, make sure to arrive on the time of the reservation and refrain from make a cancellation on the day (because they prepare for you!). If you late, we can suggest you to contact to the restaurant before your reservation time and inform them that you will be late.

・It is extremely uncommon in Japan to only order 1 meal for two person or more and have it shared. It used to be “1 person 1 meal order“, including the course menu. After the meals come for each person, you can do share, but make sure each person do make an order.

・Garbage in Japan is usually separated (combustible, pet bottle/can, plastic etc). Make sure to put your garbage into the right basket and keep everything clean!

・You can find prayer spaces in some areas across Japan, especially in touristy areas. However it might be difficult to find in countryside or some places like park. In that case, visiting the nearest Tourist Information Center and ask for a space to do pray could be nice. Another option is, find a place with fewer people where you can do pray. Some halal restaurants also have prayer spaces, you can check it out through Halal Gourmet Japan (for restaurants with prayer space) and Japan Masjid Finder (prayer spaces and mosques across Japan).

・Doing ablution is a challenge. There are prayer spaces with wudu’ space, but mostly not or you might need to do it in the public toilet. In that case, it is highly important to refrain from put your feet to the sink/washbasin, also be super careful to not make the floor wet.

Recent Hot Topic ; Manner in Gion, Kyoto

Kyoto as one of the most popular sightseeing spot in Japan for centuries, has been accommodating tourists that is extremely increasing year by year. Of course, it is great to know more people want to get in touch with the traditional city of Japan. However, the lack of understanding in manner from the tourists makes areas in Kyoto, especially the crowd Gion area, became inconvenience for Kyoto citizens as well as tourists themselves, from chasing the Maiko for pictures to disrespect shown by some visitors in some privately-owned alleys.

A signboard mentioned the photo ban. Source : NHK

It forced the Kyoto government to launch a flyer about do and don’ts in Kyoto with title “Akimahen” (means “not good” in Kyoto dialect) as follows.

Source : Kyoto City Official Travel Guide

Japan wants you to enjoy its tradition, culture, nature, foods, etc, and we as tourists need to pay attention to what is important before visiting a country. Let’s respect each other and do the manner!