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Interviews with Exhibitors at Multicultural EXPO 2019

We will report what is going on at the front line of countermeasures for the 2020 issue through the interviews with exhibitors at Multicultural EXPO 2019 held in Asakusa in November 2019.

Corporate intelligence
Company name UNIBIRD, Inc
Company overview Foreign talents and professionals recruitment and consulting
Head office location Grand Central Tower 8F, 2-16-4 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Contact person Endo Kandel
TEL 080‐4365‐1243
Message / benefits to buyers and visitors We introduce human resources to any areas across Japan. We also do follow up after the hiring so the foreign talents able to continue to work with confidence.
Benefit : we offer 20% discount on recruitment fee for new companies.

①Please tell us something about your company and products.

We are a company specializing in foreign talents recruitment and hiring consulting. We have networks both in domestic and overseas, and able introduce domestic/overseas customers to the first timer companies in hiring foreign talents. There are not many companies that offer services in total from the start until the end and most are introducing without understanding the foreigners themselves. We do have understanding towards the foreigners and we are introducing foreign talents from more than 60 countries even a minor nationality, so please feel free to consult with us.

②Why you started to venture into the food diversities?

Japan’s population is declining and talented human resources are decreasing while the activity of foreign talents in the frontline is still not enough. Only 30% of international students, who study in Japan because they love Japan, could get a job after graduation. On the other hand, we figured out the difficulties of Japanese companies in hiring foreign talents, so with our unique strengths, we do our best to introduce, in a neutral point of view, and send the excellent human resources to the companies, to have the talents learn the high technology of Japan and know-how to be expanded internationally.

③What is your strength point?

・Understanding towards foreigners
➡ Staff who understand foreigners are mainly engaged in consulting from the human resources introduction, recruitment, training, to fixing. We search the excellent resources overseas and do consulting to have the foreign talents hired in the Japanese companies.
・Half of our staffs are foreigners
・Foreign talents we introduced to the Japanese companies has turnover rate less than 3%
・Able to introduce any nationality
・In-house training and executive training for foreigners and Japanese

④What are your expectations for exhibiting at the Multicultural Expo 2019?

Many companies have problems in recruiting and unable to consult appropriately. Feel free to visit our booth and consult with us.

On Multicultural EXPO 2019

By reinterpreting HALAL EXPO JAPAN, “Multicultural EXPO 2019 – Tomorrow of Japan – ” will come back to Asakusa for the first time in two years as an EXPO in which we can think about “eating, experiencing, and living” necessary for Japan to get ready for 2020 together with people from all over the world and learn what to do about not only foreign tourists visiting Japan but also immigrant foreigners.

Host: Multicultural EXPO 2019 Executive Committee
Dates: 10:00 – 17:00 on November 13 (Wed) and 14 (Thu)
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Taito-Kan
Exhibitors: Halal-related business operators, vege and vegan-related business operators, local governments, regional revitalization organizations, and others.

※For any inquiries about taking part in the event and the EXPO itself, please visit our website.